Even in the ‘real’ times I’m blessed

Today has been a very heartbreaking but beautiful day… This will mostly be jumbled as most of my posts are following a few weeks break, as I have been secretly writing but just in my head and not on the blog due to lack of time or motivation so I have lots to say….

So here goes…

Melinda posted a few weeks ago about how people don’t seem to be real anymore and shouted out to the www is she the only mom/person that finds this whole motherhood thing bloody hard?!? Then there was Sharon
who challenged us to be real and post pics of real life. I’m sorry I missed out on taking part but diarising it for next year 1st Nov. #nofilterday

So it has had me thinking about being real, because I too post a lot more “motherhood is awesome” posts than ” motherhood is the frikking hardest thing you’ll ever do” posts. For example I have kept a journal since the day I found out I was pregnant with Daniel and I still write in it hoping he will one day want to read it and nowhere in there do i REALLY tell him how hard it really is…

So here’s getting real. Daniel is frikking awful at the moment…. And I mean , throw him against the wall and tape his mouth with duck tape awful. Terrible twos have hit our house in the hugest way resulting in a LOT of foot stomping and LOOOOOOTS of tears. It’s a battle with everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

20131113-223430.jpgA few weeks ago he went to school in his Pj top, board shorts and a pair of sheepskin slipper that were 3 sizes too small for him because the tears were actually not worth it and neither the battle ….. So yes come Monday at the moment I am actually thrilled to send him to school. There you have it REAL In a nutshell.

And then comes last night where through some facebooking I come across Mandy’s post that she is going to start a blog and I think “yay for you” I’m gonna read and give her some comments of encouragement. Well!! I didn’t comment so much. You see Mandy and Chris lost their beautiful little 4 yrs old girl in a freak accident a year ago…..so all I did whilst sobbing my little heart out was think to myself You lucky bitch, stop complaining you have this amazing little guy that you get to cuddle everyday, suck it up!!

Then today I had the heartbreaking privilege of going on a site visit to a crèche in shakashead. Shayamoya the crèche has 92 kids and what I saw today nearly me broke me in two…. The ilembe chamber of commerce and Tree ( NGO) have partnered together and together with the ladies business forum ( of which I’m member) we are going to target 20 crèches and change 497 little peoples lives over the next 3 yrs….so again I was reminded that even in my gingers terrible two-ness im still so privileged to have a healthy amazing little guy in my life and also be able to give him what he needs…..

So yah, motherhood is frikking hard and Daniel is not easy at the moment but shoeh I’m blessed even in the hard times and grateful for what I have. I have a little boy who I adore and so many privileges…. so whilst I’m real I will continue to write about this journey called motherhood, because even in the hard times it’s amazing!!


3 comments on “Even in the ‘real’ times I’m blessed

  1. Motherhood is super hard.

  2. jenty says:

    It’s crazily hard…

  3. Nina says:

    Your perspective is healthy! I don’t think we disillusion ourselves when we think of the positives, especially when we compare them to others’ hardships and ours seem so petty. But yes, there are definitely those days where I wonder what the heck did I get myself into, and did I really think I could handle this, and this is a never ending cycle, etc. It’s all normal! Especially around two years old lol. We had a lot of those moments!

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