Too good not to talk about


This is not a sponsored post I just love a bargain when I get one 🙂 And I love to share a bargain especially when it works as well at these three products.

There are few things in this life that irk me:
1. I do not love that when I’ve found the product of my dreams and they discontinue it!
Problem is it happens to me lots cos I’m not a big make up person. I’m the liner, mascara, blush type of gal (they call me a classic natural 🙂 )
2. Another thing that irks me is when I, against my better judgement, try a new product and think , let me NOT go cheap and nasty and rather try a more expensive product and its HORRID and I end up throwing it!

Mascara and liner

I’ve had a few episodes like this recently with Mascara’s…..but my last purchase was a Yardley and I loved it. Problem was after 6 months (yes I know I didn’t throw it away after 3 months , shock- shock- horror- horror, can you IMAGINE the bacteria!) I decided I really needed to get another one…..guess what I encountered??? My first irk (see above)

So now what. I’m standing in front of the Yardley counter and I think do I try another brand or do I wing it and try another Yardley product? Enter Bargain gene….yay it’s on special and was R20 bucks off. So I picked another Yardley (the Luxurious lush) up and yay me I made the right choice!!

Two reasons:
1. Its separates the lashes really well
2. You don’t have to put on layer after layer. Quite frankly I just don’t have the time!

My next buy, also due to it being time to chuck, was a liquid liner. Now here’s the thing. I’m desperate to do my permanent liner, for the simple reason I don’t have the time or energy to stuff around with makeup. I still like to wear it tho, because I don’t think I’m the kind of naturally pretty girl who can wing it without makeup, so I like the little help it gives 🙂 BUT I really like a liner that is THIN hence the reason I use liquid liner and I’m a little scared I’m going to end up with permanent liner that is thick.

I was finding however that my last liner was hard to manage and also some days if I had a wobbly hand I’d end up looking like I was heading off to a goth party so this time I really wanted to get a liner that would help me create a thin line!

Enter my new find and friend, the LA girl fine line. What a beaut! It’s in a pen format so it works just like normal eyeliner and not awkward to hold like these other ones I’ve used before.
Best part is it leaves a dark but THIN line without much effort and lasts all day so I actually look half decent still at 5pm 

Next mission is to find a pink/nude lipstick I can apply on the run, no lipliner and all that time wasting but one that doesn’t wash me out and make me look like I’m on my way to the morgue. If you think my purchase fails on the mascara front are bad I’m on like my 5th bad pink lipstick purchase.

Pink lipstick

FACE CARE: (sorry for my overseas readers this is a SA product 😦 )
Last win has been my face care. I would LOVE to be able to afford Dermalogica or the like but the truth is I have a kid and other financial responsibilities. I’ve always looked after my skin and can proudly say that even in my complete rat faced state at my bachelorette party I still washed my make up off before I passed out 🙂 I have for many years used Garnier because I felt their products were reasonably priced but good. Recently my sister told me about a product range that her Dermatologist Dr Nel has designed and my ears pricked up , cos he’s a Derm so surely the guy knows a thing or two about skin?!?! Ok so maybe my initial reason for purchase wasn’t that sound, but I was reaching the end on all my products and so I went out and bought his range of stuff: Gel Cleanser, Toner, Day and night cream. Its comes in various ranges….for the young ,middle ages, oldies 🙂 I’m using the Vita Balance range for Normal/Combination skin.

Dr Nel (800x505)

All I can say is WOW. I’m so thrilled with the product and (Q Bargain hunting gene:) ) it’s REALLY really reasonable!! I think I paid R260 for the entire lot! Oh and one last thing is it lasts! I have just replaced the gel cleanser after 3 months and I still have half a bottle of toner and day cream left and 2/3 of the night cream. I bought mine at Dischem but i think you can also find it in Clicks.

So there you have it. If you’re running out of the above products I can highly recommend these. Glad I could be of assistance 😉