Bucket List

bucket-list-picThere are certain things I wanna do before I die…..here are a few.

Sadly the majority require oodles of cash so will have to wait a while.

In no particular order:


1.Visit New York and Run New York marathon

2. Learn sign language

3. Learn to speak Zulu

4. Learn to speak French

5. Sing on a stage backed by a full orchestra

6. Get into a studio and record all the songs I’ve written onto a CD

7. Climb Kiliminjaro

8. Go to the Masai Mara and watch the migration

9. Go on a hot air balloon ride

10. Go to Mauritius

11. Go barging in France with my family

12. Spend a week in Kruger driving down from the top to the bottom

13. Scuba dive on the Great barrier reef

14. Go back to London with Rich and show him where I lived and worked

15. Go to vic falls

16. Do yoga

17. Do a sewing course

18. Skydive

19. Go to Greece  20. Visit Ireland  


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