Five minute Friday – Together


Where a few weeks ago there was fear in doing this, now I really look forward to this where I get to write and not overthink…..This is the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

You get to write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s word is: Together


Tonight, I could just burst with excitement. As we celebrate your birthday, together just the two of us, away for the night tonight.

Hasn’t been just the two of us together since that little bundle entered our lives 2 years ago.

Except together takes on a whole new meaning now….together is us, three, family. Our together tonight will be awesome but will be a bit like we’re missing a limb and integral part. Funny how something so little can be such a big part in such a short time… if the us never existed….

It’s funny how our together has changed….bettered itself…..funny how together 2011 was so different from together 2013.

I miss the us of 2011 somewhat…long for it, the stillness….. and see tonight as the start of reviving a little of the us.

But know that at the same time I will long and ache for my ginger and think of him often and imagine me scooping him up, slender arms wrapped tightly around my neck, wiggling into me.

I miss us but I love our new together….I love you and I love the ginger with all my heart and that makes me burst too with joy and excitement at the beautiful journey through life together.


Five minute Friday – Laundry


This is the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

You get to write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s word is: Laundry.


Laundry -In with the new , out with the old

A pile of has been, events of the day gone by , your week peeled off layer by layer…day by day. Quite cathartic really as you get to peel off all the rubbish, oldness, layers of hurt, experiences good and bad, exhaustion….. and resolve that tomorrow will be better.

You get to place on something new…..fresh …..with a determination and that today you get to start over new, look new, feel new. How cool is that?

But at the same time it’s just a layer and what’s underneath is still who you are and what’s real.
It doesn’t really cover that you’re just a human, that you too have feelings.

You still a mom
You’re still tired
Older with more greys than you had the day before
Still ever fighting to be better, look better, feel better

But there in the pile sits the opportunity like ourselves to “clean up” and start over, fresh with a wholeness and newness. There’s something awesome in that.
So I try to stop being so hard on myself and sometimes treat myself like a piece of laundry that just needs a rinse repeat to come out clean and ready to start the new day, still with a few stains of character but definitely better….. it’s a work in progress.


Five Minute Friday – Ordinary

I’ve watched from the side lines for long enough kinda stalking other people’s 5 minute Friday and always gone: “ I could NEVER do that”
Well today I did and it was super cool 🙂

I first saw it on Lisa Jo’s blog about a year ago and today saw it on a new blog I’ve started following: Student Mom and decided it was time.


The rules are simple:
1. Write for 5 minutes based on the topic/word – no editing, no over thinking (should be a challenge for me), no backtracking (equally as hard)
2. Link back here to your source and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. – which is NB because I for one that I haven’t done this ever because I think to myself why on earth would someone want to read my garbled mumbo jumbo!!

Ok so here goes:


Ordinary….my life is anything but and I like it that way

The drama queen of the family they call me…better than the black sheep I guess 🙂

It’s what keeps me alive having the excitement of life, anticipating the next twist in the road…..
When I go one day I hope no one will call me such, what a boring word!

I want to be remembered as
Fun to be around
A great mom who absolutely loved her Ginger
Who loved her husband fiercely and her family just as much
Someone who could sing and had the voice of an angel
But definitely not ordinary!

That being said its sometimes nice for a little mediocrity ….to just sometimes BE without pressures of being the one to hold it together. Striving to be more than ordinary can be tiring somewhat. But we can’t always be fabulous and sometimes it’s nice to be a little ordinary. How’s that for contradicting yourself in 5 minutes!!