Working for myself

If my siblings could see me now they would laugh. I have pretty much cruised my entire working career and always been very lucky in that I work very smart and not generally hard. I have always put systems in place that allow me to work smart and therefore get a lot done in half the time. But at the moment as I work on my fledgling business  I’m working my GAT OFF!!!

This is what our evenings look like and at the moment I am working till past midnight with Daddy abs who is working equally as hard.


Mine is for various reasons. Firstly taking Daniel out of aftercare has been good for him and he is far happier. The result however is that I only get to work from 8:30 when nanny arrives for The Kat until 12:30 when I have to fetch the Ginger. I then have about an hour before I really get to settle down to work and then I am interrupted about 30 times by said Ginger for various reasons. So really only get 4 hours done during the day, which is not enough and doesn’t allow me any time to grow my business at all…it’s a wonder I am even successful with amount of hours I get in.

This is further exacerbated by the several meetings I have had in the past two months with my new clients as I hold their hands through the process. I am BIG on relationship and really feel that it is key in the beginning to really build a solid foundation with your clients. So I am therefore bleeding in hours and billing only half of what I am actually doing.

The difference is I see value in what I’m doing and I am just totally in love with what I’m doing. I am starting to see results with most of my clients and that is just so rewarding. And off course there are the perks of being able to work outside and in my PJ’s.


And as I often say at the moment I could have far worse problems! I have been so abundantly blessed with the growth of my business and it just continues to go from strength to strength. It is challenging though. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not petrified of what the future holds or that I might lose a client. (And it’s going to happen I do know that) I think financially I just pray that come March/April next year I can be matching my salary so that we can just be stable for a little while. It’s been a huge worry not having a set salary every month.

But then I’m brought back to the fact that God has totally provided and has my back and that I needn’t worry.

So I just keep trucking and remaining faithful that I have a good brand, a good product and that I will make it and I also keep looking at the positives of which there are many. Like having this person visit me occasionally at the office 🙂




31 things

*its a long one beware and there will be moaning, bitching but then I guess that’s the beauty of it being my space – Reminds me of the lyrics: it’s my party…… 😉 *

To do list

The title is one of my first posts I wrote in my head about 5 weeks ago! Since then I’ve written about another dozen in my head so I guess It’s pretty apt as there is so much that has happened, so much to talk to, so many thoughts to offload…. Although 31 things doesn’t really come close…. More like 61!!

Adjusting to my new life.I won’t lie I’m taking some serious getting used to this working from home thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s still the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but if I had to look at the past two months objectively and I was the boss, which I am, I’d have fired me long ago!!! My business takes last place. After, family, maid, house and the list goes on. And that’s seriously wrong. I should be ploughing serious hours into this business and instead I’m spinning around doing all other cr@p that’s not ‘expected’ of me yet just ends on my plate. Every Monday though I regroup and start over and try again… I fail….. but at least in trying. I’m doing surprisingly well considering the effort being put in and have signed 3 clients this month. God has been so good to me.

Mothers guilt. I thought It would be different being at home with Kat but it’s just morphed into different forms but it’s still there. Just proves that us women and mothers are SO good at feeling guilty for just living! My latest guilt is the fact that I have to stop breastfeeding. The Kat,post my Cape Town trip, has just point blank refused to feed. I’ve had a few successes but she’s on the whole just not interested anymore. I’m mostly sad and very heart sore but also feel guilty that I went to Cape Town (I frikking know right?!?) And then there’s the ginger. He’s sleeping really badly AGAIN and I permanently feel it’s my fault for not spending enough quality time as I’m always running myself raggard with 1001 things and short with him. So of course it’s my fault right?!??

On running myself raggard.I seems to be in a permanent spin and the list never seems to get smaller. And every so often I will get an older lady ie not my generation tell me that I’m soooooo lucky to have a husband who’s hands on with the kids. And I read a blog post the other day which really summed it up for me. I am lucky because there are many husbands that don’t help. BUT that doesn’t mean I should have to accept always coming last out of the 4 of us or having to perform 40 tasks for every one someone else in the house does. Or as a women do I? Your thoughts?

Cape Town- 2.5 days 2 nights. 4 wine estate, waterfront, night out. 2 best friends and NO children. 


That pretty much sums it up. Heaven doesn’t come close to describing how frikking amazing the time was. It made me realise just how neglected I’ve felt and how much I’ve lost touch with myself. I laughed so much my belly hurt, I lived on a staple diet of cheese, red wine, champagne and ice cream. It was just amazing and made me treasure the two special friends I went with. I’ve only known them just over a year and they truly have supported me through a tough year. Those type of people you hang into. Most of all there is just no cr@p with them, which is really hard to find, especially with females ( we’re a special species 😉

IMG_8956 IMG_8891 IMG_8886IMG_8980

Weekends away and conditions for travel. 


We were away again this weekend. It the second and last of our two annual weekend away. We we’re at Castleburn. It’s our first time and it’s really lovely. I packed totally incorrectly for us as it was quite warm even tho the max temp was only supposed to be 22 deg. It must be really beautiful in summer and has a lovely pool which the kids could make use of. There are also great activities for the kids, trampoline, tennis courts, paddle boats, jungle gym etc. My first impression is that we’ll be back.

BUT and there is a very big but. There will be conditions for travel going forward. I will no longer be trying to pack this family of four myself and then driving like a banshee to fetch daddy Abs from work and then arriving in the cold and dark with two kids who have slept and hour already and then have to settle in an unfamiliar environment. It’s not a great start for every weekend for me. I arrived stressed and raggard and just not conducive for good family time and I’m done doing it. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and the conditions for travel will be that we rather go away less but definitely not after work. It just don’t work!!

(Oh and on an aside and totally random……. I  was sitting outside on the Saturday and saw a hearse pull up and escort a dead body out a unit from across the road. What the hell. Not often you see that whilst on holiday!!!

The Kat.


Every day I fall more and more in love with her. She’s a smart cookie this one. Very expressive with her hand (secretly I hope she’ll play the piano like her momma ) and she communicates so well when she wants to tell you something. She is a beautiful 9kgs with thighs and cellulite to die for. The kind you jsut wanna sink your teeth into. I’m truly very blessed that I’m able to watch her sprout before my eyes, even if it makes me a little heartsore in the process.

The Ginger.


We’ve just done his 9/10/11th bout , sorry i lose track, of Tonsillitis. This was a particularly bad round with temps hitting 41 degrees and battling to break them. We have an appointment with Dr Desmarais at the end of the month as I think it’s time we get them out. Not looking forward to it and have some serious fears about it , thanks to my best friend who has scared the kak out of me (her little one had a really bad experience) So yah I’m hoping Desmarais will be able to alleviate some of my fears. Other than that he’s a real sweetheart and coming up with the most precious things. He turns four next week can you believe it and we’re having a little party at home for him. It’s a dinosaur theme. Really need to get my A into G and get cracking on  the decor. (ADD TO LIST OF 31 THINGS)

And here we are Spring is here, can you believe its September!!! I have my diet on and starting to shed my scaly and pale skin. * note to self , get legs into sun, you can no longer live at the coast and be THIS pale, not a great advert for coastal living * And that’s pretty much me in a not so concise short nutshell.

And the way its going….until next month take care. 🙂

Week two in 200 

Ok so here’s an update in about 200 words….more because I don’t really have capacity for more J

I have worked intense hours trying to get setup but I think I’m just about there and next week can really start canvassing for business!!

Two weeks into my new business Marketing Works and here are a few thoughts.

  1. I love it!
  2. Working from home has its advantages (if you could see my dress code you’d understandJ
  3. My brain has never swum with more information overload ever!!!!
  4. I feel more accomplished and inadequate all merged into one large bundle than I have ever felt before
  5. I feel empowered
  6. I am scared absolutely beyond belief and flit between being so pumped and so scared of failure every 30 seconds
  7. I have read and upskilled myself and tingle with all the knowledge and information I have gained in the past two weeks
  8. I am more passionate about marketing than I have been in the past 5 years
  9. I am seeing my baby girl sprout before my eyes BUT the difference is I’m around to see it
  10. I baked cupcakes with my little guy for baker baker yesterday and it rocked!
  11. I’m more focused and determined than ever before
  12. I’ve lost 2kgs because I’ve been able to get to the gym and focus on me for a change
  13. I’m able to click post to this blog post and then go lie on the carpet for 20 min and play with the Kat before I go fetch the ginger
  14. This has been the best thing to ever happen to me

And……tonight I have date night hubby….for the first time in ages.


So have an awesome weekend everyone.


Baker baker

a quick visit at the ‘office’ 😉

Dark spaces and happy days…a catch up

It’s 5:54am and I’m awake….have been since 4:30 when I fed Kat, who then decided it was far more fun to stay awake. She’s now asleep in the swing of course and I have to be up in 6min as I’m singing in church this morning for the Easter service so that my sleep done! 

Got love kids and we choose to do this?!? The above picture is why… Because we watch them when they sleep and marvel at how perfect they are even when they’ve woken us at 4:30am.

So let’s catch up quickly before I have to get ready. 


We’re in the house! At long last the dream of close on two years materialised and we got the keys to our beautiful home on the 21st march. We moved on the Saturday and won’t lie it’s been chaos and was by far the hardest moves I have ever done and trust me I’ve moved 13 times in 10 years so I know what I’m talking about. There is still so much dust and dirt and everything is just harder with two small kids. Also doesn’t help that daddy Abs is still working his butt off at work an therefore not able to assist and at night too tired to help so basically I’ve had to do it on my own. 

The ginger has finally adjusted and seems to be far more settled now finally as we’ve been pulled through the ringer with him! He was just playing up and it’s so nice to see him mostly back to the sweet little boy we once knew. Biggest problem for me was the regression in his potty training. He started to poo in his pants and everyone said don’t make a big scene about it but after three months I just felt that everyone else’s advice was not working for us as I really felt he knew what was going on. So we were on our third change of undies one day and I was doing something in the kitchen when I heard: ‘oh no, the poos coming out.’ All nonchalantly as if it was ok. Well I smacked him on the bum, marched him off to the loo and said to him this is how it’s gonna be going forward. You poo in your pants and you will get smacked, you will also be punished and have no treats. Do you understand? He didn’t even cry and said yes he understood and since then we’ve had no accidents. It just shows you all the books and google in the world can’t prepare you for parenthood and you HAVE to go with your gut because EVERY child is different. 

What would my life be if there wasn’t a little drama 4 days before I go back to work??? Well we had a little nanny saga. So two months ago I started having a wobbly about Kat being so young when I go back to work (3.5mths, her brother was 5 and there is a big difference!) so I started to consider that maybe I could use some full time help at home and also keep Kat at home for the first year. So in went thru and agency and found a nanny. She started at the beginning of March  and at first seemed really amazing. But then I started realising she really didn’t know what she was doing. I’m very emotional about going back to work and so I said to daddy Abs I wasn’t making an rash decisions and would see how it went during my first month back. That was expedited when I walked into the nursery three days ago and found her asleep in the rocking chair. The problem was not that she had dozed off but that my precious daughter was perched on a pillow on her lap and was not supported and could’ve rolled off. I know she would’ve said how sorry she was and that it would’ve happen again but I knew in my heart of hearts she wasn’t qualified for the job and that I wouldn’t be able to go to work on Tuesday confident that Kat was safe. So I went to Daniels old crèche and by the grace if God Kat’s place was still available and she starts on my first day. Need to now get my head around packing school bags etc for two, going to be interesting times .

 Daddy Abs and I had a long hard chat a few nights ago and really going to have to hit the routine hard during the week. It’s the only was we will survive. I for one am looking forward to it as I thrive on routine and is how I am most effective and achieved most things in my life…. Daddy Abs acknowledges it’s the only ways we’ll for everything in however it doesn’t come naturally to him so we’ll see 🙂

 So tomorrow is Easter Sunday a very momentum day for us Christians. Going to be an interesting one as the ginger is still to young to really grasp the full concept of the crucifixion but yet we still don’t want it to be all the about the bunny.

 This also marks for me a really sad time as I will be going back to work in two days. My maternity leave didn’t work out at all how I planned it would. Katherine has grown like a weed right before my eyes yet I’ve been doing everything but watching her grow up and I’d be lying if I wasn’t bitterly disappointed about that. But i won’t harp on that  here as I’ve written a really crappy, dark, bitter and twisted post on it, which I’m still contemplating posting 🙂

My dad is regressing yet still has good days… What an oxymoron. I still remain true to the wish that I do not want him to feel anymore pain and that he would just fall asleep and not wake up, but with the baptism of our baby girl in June, my mom’s 70th and my brother and his family coming out one selfishly hopes he’d stick it out till then. But there will alway be another birthday, milestone or something we want him to stay for, it’s the human condition. Just when I think I’m ready for him to go I find a reason for it not to be ok. A stroke has got to be the shittest and cruelest thing to happen to someone. 

On a brighter note:

I ran to the gym today and as those beautiful endorphins kicked in I dreamt of marathons I would enter and felt so much better. 

I have been thinking of doing another #100happydays mainly because I’ve spent the past few weeks in a really bad space and I think it’s time to focus on the good of which there is lots . Right now I’m I’m in the midst of sleep deprivation and going back to work and trying to find my feet in all of this that I’m not sure I want to add to that pile. If I change my mind tho this space will be the first to know.

So that’s me in a nutshell and best I get to bed before the Kat wakes for her first feed. 

Kicker of a ’14 its been

It been a real kicker of a year so far!

Don’t you feel that gone are the days where you used to be able to go on leave on the 16th December and then gently ease in the year when you got back until at least the 16th January.

I didn’t have much leave this year and maybe that’s why I’m feeling the effects more, but it just seems that we have NOT stopped.


Work is busy and there is immense pressure for me to sell sell sell! I’m gonna find that hard being a Marketing Manager. After all what I believe my role is, is that I do the marketing to enable the sale. But it looks like the expectation is for me to literally get in my car and go sell. Go me!
I’ve also taken a tremendous amount of extra work on with regard to the function side of stuff. I’m enjoying it tho….its keeping me out of mischief. There also seems to have been an influx of work with regard to the sections all wanting a piece of me. Never a truer word….the more capable you are at something the more gets asked of you!!!

Then there’s the our week life. There have been a few after hours meetings which have really peeved me as its precious time away from the ginger. But hey what a girl gotta do in a recession but bite the bullet.

It has fortunately tied in with a quieter travel time for Rich but heaven only knows how we’ll cope if this continues when Rich’s business flying schedule picks up!

But it’s not all doom and gloom even though the last few paragraphs have looked so 🙂

It been flippin hot here and all the locals tell me it’s only going to get hotter in February so heaven help us! The ginger as a result is not sleeping poor dude and neither are we. He wakes at least 4 times a night and is sopping wet. He’s sleeping in a nappy only and even that doesn’t help. So roll on winter please.

There has been a little respite over the past two days and never in my life have I been happier to see rain! It so funny with the ginger sleeping so badly the nights blur big time. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this but often Rich and I will be lying in bed in the morning going: “Did he wake last night 2/3 times?” and one of us will reply “ I got up for him” “ or no, wait, was that last night or the night before ?!?!”

The Ginger


The ginger is growing in leaps and bounds with the newest development being potty training. For a few months he shown a little interest and at school they have been kind of potty training him in October we sent undies to school but with all the rain and cold we had it proved a little difficult.

Then all of a sudden of the Christmas break Daniel said one afternoon that he didn’t want a nappy he wanted undies and three weeks later we are fully potty trained during the day. This has involved a few bribes especially in the department of no 2’s and also many a happy dance, high fives and stars have been dished out, but it’s such a lesson in parenthood that you can stress about everything , wonder , debate plot things or you can largely let them get on with it and the ginger has done so.

My little boy is getting so grown up and I’m aware every day just how fast they grow. Someone just stop the clock for a second so I can take it all in!!!


The house 

There’s been a little panic/drama. Well not really drama but a little worry. We’ve been pushing the builder to give us a prelim costing before we go to finish finally plans of house plans no2. Finally he came back with:

“but am confident with the right amount of negotiating and cost saving we can achieve a smaller than desired yet liveable solution.”

So I questioned liveable and realised that for our budget he was able to build us a shell! And by shell I mean, four walls, roof, windows, doors. We still had to supply all the fittings!

Dude, just a little note here. THAT AINT LIVEABLE!!!

Anyway long story short, met with the architect, blew off a little steam, ok so I raised my voice a little, but the end result is that they are going to finish our plans and can assist with the build/referrals to do an owner builder with a reputable and we will come in on budget!

Seriously so we wasted almost a month with the contractor when all we wanted from the start was to owner build. Very frustrating from a time perspective but I’m still remaining ever hopeful that we will be in our house by Christmas this year, fingers crossed.

Its been a good week

Can you believe it I’ve been back at work two weeks already.

It been crazy busy.

It’s been a good week. Saw my sister on Tuesday. She’s B.E.S.T practitioner. I’m not sure if you remember in July last year I wasn’t in a good way health wise. Well it seems I’m a little better but I did get a little stern talking to because I’m still on a slippery slope to nowhere with regards to my adrenal gland that is still functioning on JHB days and in overdrive.

So Tuesday saw me hit the detox with a vengeance. I’m off coffee, haven’t had any wine and also eating according to the body composition diet. Basically I’m putting something in my mouth every two hours and I’m eating within 30min of waking, so that my body does not live on adrenaline but actually energy!
I can’t tell you the difference I feel! I had a nasty headache the first day but I’m fine now and I have SO much more energy. I don’t have that horrible fatigued feeling. So I’m really motivated to make this a lifestyle choice.

I’ve also joined the #100happydays challenge. I’m posting on Instagram under laurenabdo. I have been thinking of doing it for about 2 weeks already but three days ago something made me just sign up. (might have been the open page in my safari on my phone that I kept on looking at)

So yah it’s been a good week. Looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys this weekend and just chilling, maybe going to beach……

Catch up

So I’m sitting in JHB on my second last day in a hotel room. It quiet, its 5:17pm and I’m no trying to get a ginger to eat, or prepare supper. I’m sitting with my laptop on my lap and catchin up on news. It’s bliss!!!!

It’s been a helluva few weeks peeps! And that statement alone does not come close to describing it!

Because I’ve been rather quiet I have a bit of catching up to do. Because a lot of people that read here don’t have time I’ve decided to go with the shortened version (which for those who know me well you’ll know its pretty hard to do 🙂

I have however written the other posts and will hyperlink to the incidents/events so if you have the time you can go read.

So when last I wrote I was going to an interview.

Well I’m happy to say that Gods shone very brightly down on me and I finally have a new job!!

It’s funny because everything that we’ve prayed for has fallen into place. We are here. We are actually in Durban and it’s all happened in 4 and a half months! Now if that wasnt meant to be then I don’t know what is!!

But as always it has happened the way God planned for us not the way we planned it for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong it has been awesome and not for one second do I regret our decision but this job has come to me and I’ve really been challenged to my core. I’m taking a double figure cut in my salary a month. It comes with no benefits and for now I have to work through Christmas and New Year, so yah I’m questioning the job move…. But as my sis always says: “God gives you what you need” and I know deep down inside this is going to be good. Yah we’ve had to scale down but we’re gonne be fine and I think that maybe this is what I really need and what my health needs following my hospital/allergic reaction scare!

So yah after much stress I have a job and I start on Monday the 5th August and I’m flipping excited about it!!! I really think I’m going to be able to add huge value to the club and I’m looking forward to being a somebody that someone values!!!

So that all happened two weeks ago and I accepted on Monday the 15th July.

Then on the Wednesday we had a little girl’s night out. I was so excited. I was going to see a friend’s show in town with my Mom and Sister. Was SO excited that I was getting out and really looked forward to it. Ended up in hospital though… can read about it here.

That left me seriously depleted off an already really exhausted base.

However we had a really lovely weekend in the berg planned that weekend. We went to Cayley’s Lodge and met our Rich’s folks there. We had a really lovely time and stayed till the Monday early am to extend the weekend. We don’t get to see them often and leaving on Monday meant we got to spend a little more time with them. As usual Daniel was so besotted with his “Gully” and “Bugger” (yes my son calls Grandpa, Bugger….not sure why but we roll with it- it is rather cute to hear a little 22months old shouting Bugger Bugger down the passage!) On Saturday we went for a walk down to the dam and then on Sunday we chilled. The Drakensberg “Berg” is just the most magical place and rejuvenates the soul. Alas it was over too soon and we had to head back to Durbs. It’s funny though it was not with the same dread as it always was when we had to head to the “City of Smoke”

And then I headed into my last week at my current job. It was really hectic trying to finish everything up plus feeling really grotty from the fish episode. So eventually I moved my appointment I had with sis for tomorrow to last week Thursday. My sis is a nutritionist, who does B.E.S.T testing. The good thing is that I haven’t developed a shellfish allergy. Bad thing is I’m not in a good way. Adrenal gland not functioning, Thyroid not working. Liver not working and somewhere i picked up Hepatitis and Coxsackie!!! So yah. Its detox for me and a whole lotta supplements. It’s Days two and my head REALLY REALLY FRIKKIN HURTS!!! But I’m on the mend and already I feel a hundred times better than I did last week. No wanting to pass out and the shakes/hypoglycaemia is minimal. So here’s to good health!!!

And here I am in JHB to handover and say goodbye to this chapter in my life. I’m looking forward to the challenges and exciting adventures!!

Watch this space……

Think of me, think of me fondly

Tomorrow I’m gonna ask that the God’s shine down on me, as I’m going for an interview.
Can you believe it. Second interview after 6 months of looking. THAT’S how dead the market is in Durbs!

The job’s paying peanuts….. like 2/3 of my current salary peanuts, but does boasts perks of being 3km from home and comes with much less pressure than the corporate world.

Look, I have to get the job first, but if I do I’m going to take. Hey, better having some money coming in than none! It’s funny because I’m actually really excited about the role (as it stands on paper ) I really think I could add great value as hopefully I’ve learnt a thing or two in my ten years experience. The thing that excites me most is that I will really be able to put my stamp on something again and proudly be able to say: “I did that” Not that I’m fishing for complements but one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my current role is that I’m a nobody and really leave my job everyday feeling like I’ve added no value other than being the kippie (aka loser ) that was prepared to sit and audit a document system or prepare internal comms for the organisation. It’s been a really hard year to go from being the marketing manager of 16 well renowned and successful eyewear brands to the paper pusher/PA/person who will do all the kak jobs. And don’t get me wrong I’m the first person to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty….just miss having my opinion count and being someone whose opinion is respected as something of value….

But moving on…..hopefully in a few weeks 🙂

This excitement comes on the back of a great really busy weekend. So busy that both daddy Abs and I have said no more! Well for this weekend at least Saturday was a friends baby shower and Sunday it was church in the morning , followed by the beach and then a braai with friends in the afternoon. But it’s required. If we’re going to make friends we are going to have to make an effort to meet people and this means going for braais etc. We have however said this weekend is a family chill weekend and hopefully will be spent on the beach with the Ginger.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow. All of you!!! 8:30am….think of me!




2012 in Summary….

It’s been another busy year for us and of course filled with lots of exciting times and of course some big milestones. If you want to catch up on the long versions of the goings on of the Abdo’s you can click on the any of the links below, otherwise here is the concise version…..well as concise as I can be.

The year started relatively slowly for me as I was still on maternity leave, but soon the 23rd January was up and I headed back to Moscon Optics. VERY HARD DAY and I won’t lie there were a few tears.


We settled nicely into the whole working thing and our first milestone arrived in mid Feb with the appearance our first two toofies. This didn’t come without any bumps in the road and we were soon to find out Daniel is a SHOCKING teether!!!

We also had some bumps with our first crèche experience and after a few nasty incidents we pulled Daniel from the crèche and moved him to Toddlers Inn just around the corner from us.

February was a very special month with family and friends as we Baptised Daniel. It was a beautiful day and one we will always remember.

The three of us


March loomed all too quickly and we felt the toll of the year already starting. Lack of sleep and adjusting to our new dynamic led us to book a trip to Dullstroom for the weekend. It was so great to get out of Johannesburg and recharge the batteries.


April was yet another big month for me as I left Moscon Optics after almost four years and moved into the financial services game at Investec Private Bank. I’m still however in Marketing.

Rich continued to be really busy and has had a really successful year in starting up the digital arm of Timesquare called Humannode.

The long weekend in April we also had a visit from Granny and Grandpa. They hadn’t seen Daniel since Christmas so they saw quite a change in him. He was sitting beautifully and was starting to tease us with crawling. We also cut the top four teeth over those 5/6 days. Not pretty.


We have really battled with Daniel and his sleeping and after several chest infections we decided to go down to Durbs at the end of July for my sister to test him and see what was up. In the meantime Daniel had been trying to crawl for about 3 months without much luck and so I decided to try cranio sacral therapy. It was amazing the difference we experienced immediately and that weekend in Durbs Daniel started crawling.

August was a rouge month! At the beginning of August we said goodbye to one of the most amazing men you’d ever that the priviledge of meeting. My uncle Kevin died of a heart-attack and marked the 7th relative I’ve buried in 2 years!! We had a proper send off in true Wynne style and did him proud with the red wine we drank in honour of him. I’ll still battle to crack a bottle of Roodeberg without thinking of my special soppies, he is going to be missed for many years to come.


Through all this my dad hadnt been feeling so well and was battling to catch his breath. With Uncle Kev’s sudden death he didnt really have time to tend to it and upon his return from the funeral set off to see cardiologist. Turned out he was a walking time bomb and two days later was booked in for a triple bypass!! It was a hairy few days but he made it through the surgery and is recovering really well.











At the end of August after the month we’d had it was time for a break and  we headed out to Dunkeld Country Estate for the weekend. Again it was in Dullstroom and we had such an amazing weekend with Daniel.



September was another Milestone month as we celebrated Daniel’s first birthday. It amazing how this year has flown and before we knew it our house was filled with friends and many kids playing in the ball bond. Still cant believe how quickly he is growing and changing and the fact that he’s already 1!!


The next two months were hard! Daniel started cutting his Molars and for two months we battled with sleep and our poor guy was seriously miserable. This all culminated in yet another ear infection with finally ended us up at the ENT and Daniel was booked in for grommets. Through all of this Daniel has become really mummified and so I ended up having to go into theatre with him. It was not easy but the difference has been incredible.


Those months were not all doom and gloom and amongst the sleepless nights I was treated one day when I arrived at crèche and Daniel walked across the room to me. Very big proud mommy moment.

End of October saw Rich’s birthday approaching and we jet setted to East London to go and see his family. As always, weekends away are so short and the red eye flight, first thing in the morning, always looks like a good idea when you book it, but it ISNT!!

photo 1

November saw Daniel and I heading down to Durban to see my family as Rich was away on his Boys Tour Golf weekend. I’m very proud of my hubby who won golf tour for the second year in a row! My weekend was not as pleasant as Daniel got the nasty bug going around which he promptly passed onto Rich and myself. It was began with him vomiting all over me on the plane!!! I’ll leave it at that!!!

photo 3 photo 2

November was all about shows and theatre. We were able to go and see Dirty Dancing with friends of ours. Whilst it will never beat Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the movie, it was still an amazing show.

photo 1photo 2photo 4

Then a bunch of us girls got together and headed for the spectacle that was Gaga! WOW! It was quite the show and I must say was speechless in parts, and if you know me, I’m not often speechless!!

And here we are….December!

How did we blink and this year just disappeared? It has sure as hell been a whirlwind and we are looking to a well deserved rest down at the coast for three weeks.

We wish you all well over the festive season and for those that are travelling, be safe and we’ll catch up in the new year.

Merry Christmas from the Abdos

Working mom’s guilt

I often heard my sis talk about it , when she used to do the high powered JHB rat race job thing…..

And I’ve felt it sporadically since I went back to work a year ago but I really got a nasty dose of it this week and its left me feeling yucky.

The funny thing is I’ve always thought the guilt was from one side….that being you feeling guilty that you are leaving your baby with a crèche /nanny and having to go to work. And I thought I’d escaped that because Daniel is so loved and happy at his crèche that I’ve never really felt that major guilt.

But I was wrong….its comes from the other side too. I always seem to be apologising or feeling guilty for having to leave by 4pm so that I can get to Fourways from Sandton in time. And ironically I am at the office by 7am most days so I work a 9hr day. So really I have nothing to apologise for.

How do I get over myself and stop feeling that guilt or is it just the territory of a working mom?