#100happydays: Day 11-26

Here are days 11-26. My toughest yet… finding happiness whilst dad was in ICU, very sick baby and a bad brow wax!

But yet in the midst of all of it all there was still stuff to be happy about.


Puddle jumping 11/100


Watching him grow. Such a privilege 12/100


I just LOVE my new maid. She’s a Godsend! That Tupperware cupboard is my A type’s dream!! 13/100


My old man after his kidney stone op. Boy was I happy to see his face last night. The ever faithful, never complaining, good natured man that we all love so much. 14/100.


Yay I get to see my brother in May!! Thank you my lovely man for saying it’s ok and looking after the ginger xxx 15/100


I love surprises. Got home to a bag of goodies along with my pnp online shopping delivery packed away neatly in the cupboard. 16/100.


The ginger with his Gunnie! How he loves her! 17/100


The beach after a rough day. Will smooth away any stress. Love coastal living 18/100


Makes you wanna crawl in right next to them! 19/100.


Temperature finally broken! Hopefully on the mend 20/100


Love how we can all of a sudden pack light and don’t need two bags full of nappies, bottles and wet wipes!! 21/100


Road trip food. Say no more. 22/100


I’m still in awe that 50 people would want to read what I have to say. I’m very humbled and couldn’t help but smile 23/100


Music and theatre. It feeds my soul. I daydreamed of being back on stage. So tired but so happy 24/100


Valentines day…. A couple days late, but hey every day should be valentines day!! Especially when there are Lindt chocolate balls for breakfast involved đŸ˜‰ 25/100.


Tired happy feet. So good to be back on the road today 26/100




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