I have been grappling with this amongst several other things and I’m not sure I have the answers but felt maybe I’ll find some clarity by penning it.

Authenticity and this space.

I always find that when I’m going through lots if stuff that I go mute in this space and I guess it’s partly because this is a public space and sometimes I feel that no one really wants to hear someone’s sob story and moaning. Then there is the other side that it normally relates to work or something like that and I fear my real thoughts would end on my bosses table eek…..

So I end up mute because I fear the publicity and also because I feel that the alternative is not authentic. If I were to write all is well and dandy dandy doesn’t that make me fake?

Maybe the alternative is to write about something totally unrelated but when I’m all consumed ( thanks to my wonderful fox terrier a- type personality where I don’t let go and instead obsess about stuff ) if find it hard to focus on other stuff.

I wont lie I do fantasize of writing a secret blog where you can say whatever the hell you want but when you actually think of the reality I don’t think it would make one feel any better….So there it is. Its not that I don’t have anything to say, I’m just not sure I can say it…..

Any answers on how to say it authentically without saying too much?



One comment on “Authenticity

  1. Jeanette says:

    You could always write a private blog post that only you can see. Alternatively, add a password onto the post… I’ve done that a few times

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