#100happydays: Day 45-100

I actually finished #100happydays today….just been a little slack in getting the pics up.

Its been an amazing  journey though and quite something to look back on……

Here are the remaining pics….its a long one sorry!!




He turned to me during supper and out of the blue said: I love you mommy…lots!! Cue: heart melt!! 45/100 #100happydays


Early morning run with a view bound to put a skip in anybody’s step 46/100 #100happydays


Childhood memories. I remember hurrying to get dressed for school so I could watch the 6:50am cartoon. Now 30 yrs later my little boy is watching it 47/100. #100happydays


When times are tough and I’m having a kak day this verse helps tremendously and suddenly I’m not so sad anymore 48/100 #100happydays


Those lips just scream kiss me! Every time I look at him I could just burst with love! 49/100 #100happydays


Halfway through 100happydays already and looking back I truly see how much I have to be grateful for and happy about. I really am blessed! 50/100 #100happydays


Daniel’s new sun hat sewn by moi! Turned out really well, let’s hope it fits. Love it when a DIY turns out well. Makes me super happy! 51/100 #100happydays


Samango falls, Oribi gorge. To see my sons face when he saw water pouring out of the rock was priceless! 52/100 #100happydays


Standing around the fire after a lovely day spent with nature. 53/100 #100happydays


Amazement as he saw his first waterfall! Amazing to watch the world through the eyes of a child! 54/100 #100happydays


Such a boy!! 55/100 #100happydays


The most amazing man. My dad 56/100 #100happydays


Good wine and good company. What a great way to end off the week 57/100 #100happydays


Early morning on the beach. Love living back at the coast! 58/100. #100happydays


What a stunning morning. Amazing quality time playing with my son. 59/100 #100happydays


Besties at such a young age. 60/100 #100happydays


I found this whilst spring cleaning from many years ago as a young girl in her 20’s and could only but smile at where I am now and how at that time I could not see thru the hurt and even imagine the possibility of what lay before me. And look at me now. 61/100. #100happydays


A constant source of joy 62/100 #100happydays


Cauliflower pizza base. Not a bad first attempt 63/100 #100happydays


Music. One of the few things in this life that make me happy… Always! 64/100. #100happydays


Best friends. It’s the sweetest thing to watch. 65/100. #100happydays


Only Two things left on my list. Now THAT makes me super happy!! 65/100 #100happydays


Moving to the coast was without a doubt the best thing we ever did. 66/100 #100happydays



The best kind of suppers… A little bit of everything. Plus a new find: the best ribs in town!! 67/100 #100happydays


Weeks away from starting to build our home. So excited 68/100. #100happydays


Story time. Nothing better than a good book 69/100 #100happydays


You know life has changed when all you can find to stick daddy’s lunch wraps closed are two of your son’s stickers!! 70/100. #100happydays



Playing silly buggers with my gunny. Yes those are his undies on his head and his shorts on Gunny’s. 71/100 #100happydays


Food. It’s good to see you again after two days with Gastro!! 72/100. #100happydays


My boys learning on the iPad and allowing me to get a sleep in after two rough days xx 73/100. #100happydays


Fun Bath time. Me feeling so much better and ginger in an awesome mood. Great messy fun 74/100 #100happydays


Remnants of an amazingly fun day 75/100. #100happydays


My two constants in all this craziness 76/100 #100happydays


That’s me at 5pm with a book and a glass of wine!! Luxury I know!! I love grannies being close by to pick up gingers 🙂 77/100. #100happydays


Good morning! So proud to say this is my home. 78/100 #100happydays


My little boy gets to sit in his own seat on the for the first time. I don’t know whose more excited him or me. 79/100 #100happydays


My Easter bunny! Man I love this boy so much my heart could burst!! 80/100 #100happydays


Family time. Uncle, ginger and grandpa 81/100 #100happydays


A South African braai need I say more 82/100 #100happydays


Yummy curry! 83/100 #100happydays


There are few things more beautiful in this life than a Lindt chocolate bunny! 84/100. #100happydays


I finally get to convert my old show videos to dvd. Can’t wait to get started. 85/100 #100happydays


Yes this is my crazy fish wedged upright between the plant and fish tank. Don’t judge her she has swim bladder issues! 😉 86/100 #100happydays


Thank heavens I managed to find the coffee cups otherwise this would’ve been a rough start to moving day 87/100 #100happydays


Moving day! Most people would be unhappy but I’m thrilled. We’re finally getting out of this kak rental and into something bigger and better. 88/100 #100happydays


You turn your head for one second. On top of the compactum! 89/100 #100happydays


Breathe in breathe out, don’t forget to breathe 90/100 #100happydays


Trying times a not so gentle reminder to choose your battles…. 91/100 #100happydays


Its raining pouring… Check out his self made brella! Oh I love the power of imagination!! 92/100 #100happydays


I think we’re in for some spectacular sunrises in our new temporary home 93/100 #100happydays


Blanket of mist this morning. 94/100 #100happydays


I love how he enjoys the small things in life. Such an amazing zest for life, can but only make one smile 95/100 #100happydays


Made my mark for my country today. 96/100 #100happydays


The beach in winter… bliss! Shadow selfie, just me and the ginger 97/100 #100happydays


Nothing like a good show to lift spirits. I wanna get back on stage!!! 98/100 #100happydays



Mother’s Day card from my baby boy 99/100 #100happydays


My family. It completes me 100/100 #100happydays


#100happydays: Day 27- 44

Its been a really good two weeks filled with lots of happy moments:

44 (1024x1024)

Getting my life back on track. Meal plans done for a month! 44/100

43 (480x480)

The special piece of my heart this little person has stolen. Man I love this boy!! 43/100.

42 (1024x1024)

Playing with ‘Bugga’ aka Grandpa. So special that my boy gets to grow up around family 42/100

41 (1024x1024)

Art. My personal favourite, the red one which we all know is a ladybird but according to the ginger is a bumblebee!! 41/100

40 (1024x1024)

Breakfast with my boys 40/100

39 (1024x1024)

Impromptu date night with my man 39/100

38 (1024x1024)

Birthday presents…3mths later. 38/100

37 (1024x1024)

First love. Daniel and the sweet Lily. Ask Daniel who she is and he proudly answers: ‘girlfriend’ it’s beautiful to watch 37/100

36 (1024x1024)

I love reality tv and I’m not afraid to say it! Rich away… Time to catch up on chick tv 🙂 36/100

35 (1024x1024)

Ok so my diet is going SWELL!! But there is nothing better than soft fresh wine gums 😉 35/100

34 (1024x1024)

My moms green fingers. Good think she’ll be doing our new garden, it’s bound to be spectacular!! 34/100

33 (1024x1024)

Sunset beach walk on the promenade 33/100

32 (1024x1024)

My son slept thru for the first time in ages! Bribery always works 😉 32/100

31 (1024x1024)

That was actually daddy’s double thick chocolate milkshake! 31/100

30 (1024x1024)

Chasing birds 30/100

29 (1024x1024)

Such a stunning day ended off with my favorite meal! Happy tummy 29/100

28 (1024x1024)

10km at under 7min/km in this hilly town….Now that’s a reason to be happy! 28/100

27 (1024x1024)

A happy, hungry boy who is on the mend and turned the corner. Ate: bowl of lasagne, yoghurt, whole apple, whole banana, slice of pineapple and crackerbread with marmite all for supper! 27/100

#100happydays: Day 11-26

Here are days 11-26. My toughest yet… finding happiness whilst dad was in ICU, very sick baby and a bad brow wax!

But yet in the midst of all of it all there was still stuff to be happy about.


Puddle jumping 11/100


Watching him grow. Such a privilege 12/100


I just LOVE my new maid. She’s a Godsend! That Tupperware cupboard is my A type’s dream!! 13/100


My old man after his kidney stone op. Boy was I happy to see his face last night. The ever faithful, never complaining, good natured man that we all love so much. 14/100.


Yay I get to see my brother in May!! Thank you my lovely man for saying it’s ok and looking after the ginger xxx 15/100


I love surprises. Got home to a bag of goodies along with my pnp online shopping delivery packed away neatly in the cupboard. 16/100.


The ginger with his Gunnie! How he loves her! 17/100


The beach after a rough day. Will smooth away any stress. Love coastal living 18/100


Makes you wanna crawl in right next to them! 19/100.


Temperature finally broken! Hopefully on the mend 20/100


Love how we can all of a sudden pack light and don’t need two bags full of nappies, bottles and wet wipes!! 21/100


Road trip food. Say no more. 22/100


I’m still in awe that 50 people would want to read what I have to say. I’m very humbled and couldn’t help but smile 23/100


Music and theatre. It feeds my soul. I daydreamed of being back on stage. So tired but so happy 24/100


Valentines day…. A couple days late, but hey every day should be valentines day!! Especially when there are Lindt chocolate balls for breakfast involved 😉 25/100.


Tired happy feet. So good to be back on the road today 26/100



#100happydays – Days 1-10

I’ve taken on the #100happydays challenge. The deal is you take the challenge to post a picture of something that makes you happy every day.

Here are my first 10 days:


My constant reminder to take time and smell the roses or simply just play with an umbrella 1/100




These two complete me! 2/100


These are a few of my favourite things.3/100


Hello right back atcha! My new baby. So thrilled 4/100d


Even tho it got crushed it’s still awesome!! Back on diet tomorrow 😉 5/100


New nails. Nothing like some pampering to make you smile. The colour passion 🙂 6/100.


What a lucky girl… My office! 7/100.


I love how this little guy starts a story: ‘one a time’ puts a smile on my dial every time! 8/100


Cloudy skies and RAIN! I couldn’t be happier to get some relief from this heat!! 9/100


Music – its makes me happy. Nothing like a good tune to wipe away a bad day 10/100

Its been a good week

Can you believe it I’ve been back at work two weeks already.

It been crazy busy.

It’s been a good week. Saw my sister on Tuesday. She’s B.E.S.T practitioner. I’m not sure if you remember in July last year I wasn’t in a good way health wise. Well it seems I’m a little better but I did get a little stern talking to because I’m still on a slippery slope to nowhere with regards to my adrenal gland that is still functioning on JHB days and in overdrive.

So Tuesday saw me hit the detox with a vengeance. I’m off coffee, haven’t had any wine and also eating according to the body composition diet. Basically I’m putting something in my mouth every two hours and I’m eating within 30min of waking, so that my body does not live on adrenaline but actually energy!
I can’t tell you the difference I feel! I had a nasty headache the first day but I’m fine now and I have SO much more energy. I don’t have that horrible fatigued feeling. So I’m really motivated to make this a lifestyle choice.

I’ve also joined the #100happydays challenge. I’m posting on Instagram under laurenabdo. I have been thinking of doing it for about 2 weeks already but three days ago something made me just sign up. (might have been the open page in my safari on my phone that I kept on looking at)

So yah it’s been a good week. Looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys this weekend and just chilling, maybe going to beach……