A little bit of reflection

Its been a couple of months since I did a post like this. While trawling FB or twitter  when I find something that really resonates with me I save it on my phone and often go back to them when I’m having a rough day.

I call them little self-pep-talks.

Along with the move and uncertainty comes self doubt in oneself (hey I’m only human) and so I’m not a shiny happy balloon everyday so lately I’ve read these quite a few times!!

Here are few I’ve picked up over the past few months that I thought I’d share with you. Theyre not mine, so no credit but really touched something inside….

This is one that I remind myself daily. Life is exciting at the moment. There’s  lots on the go and at times it can get a little overwhelming and when it does I read this as a reminder


Another one to start the day with:


IMG_1817 IMG_1811 IMG_1671 IMG_1982

This one is an instant pick me up after a cr@p day where people have really peeved me off!


Never a truer word spoken…..keep moving forward. I`ve had to learn this because I have a tendency to harp on the past. Hell it took me three years to get over the fact that it rained on my wedding day and I didn’t get the photos I wanted!! 🙂 (I’m ”a” type don’t judge me 🙂 )


And here are some beauties on love. This time apart from Rich has really rung true with the `absense makes the heart grow fonder`. It’s really made me appreciate what i have in him….

IMG_1818 IMG_1815


And then some motherhood ones. These kind of quotes never meant anything before I became a mom……

IMG_1825 IMG_1981 IMG_1950 IMG_1906


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