Weekend back home

So before daddy abs headed out last week Monday I totally woes’d out that I’d be alone for the weekend, and booked a flight home.

So on Friday the ginger and I headed out to Lanseria airport and boarded a flight home.

We were 45min delayed due to the dreadful weather sitting right over the airport and it proved quite interesting keeping a tired toddler entertained  right over bedtime. 

On the plane

I must say my little guy is just such a pleasure on a plane. I’m very lucky.The ascent was interesting with the turbulence but true to form my ginger LOVED the bumps and was in fits of giggle right before he zoned out and passed out! Problem is when we got to Durban he was surpercharged from his 40min powernap and so eventually only crashed at 9pm.

Saturday was miz weather and we had to contain him inside. We did eventually bundle him up so that he could run outside. Saturday evening we went to my sis and watched the rugby.

 Dan in beanieDan in beanie 2


Daniel with his cousins. (Its going to be so great to be so close to family!!)

Sunday what the most glorious day and we took advantage by heading down to the beach. I ran from my folk place down to meet Daddy abs, my Dad and the ginger. I’m going to LOVE being at the coast , it was such an awesome run and i was filled to the brim with good endorphins and even more excited about our move.

Another highlight was being able to walk on our land that we’ve just bought. It’s  still very overgrown and needs to be cut, but it was exciting to have a look at it again and envisage our new house on it.


Granny did find Daniel some gorgeous bright blue gumboots and on Sunday afternoon he had so much fun playing in the puddles from Saturday’s rain. The ginger loves nothing more than to puddle jump (and so do i) I figure he’s got his whole life to be serious and do the right thing,so when there are good puddles around its essential he makes good use of them! And he does a good job!



Sadly the weekend was over too quickly. I had booked the red-eye flight out on Monday and man alive that flight always looks SOOOOOOOOOOO much better on paper than in reality. NO way you look at it, is a wake up call of 4:40am good. So it was early to bed monday night.


2 comments on “Weekend back home

  1. Jeanette says:

    From your photos, looks like we just missed some really crap weather here 🙂 that’s one whirlwind trip you did!

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