Moving – The rollercoaster

There is so much to consider with a move. We’ve been really lucky and so I think our move has turned out a lot less chaotic than normal.

But it’s still been hard and the emotional rollercoaster that goes with it! Shewwwweeeeee!

Rollercoaster 1: Getting quotes on removal companies, finding out the move is going to cost you R20000 more than you planned , only to find out that you were misinformed and its only R8 000

So I got four quotes from companies and this involved filling out an inventory list for each one (time consuming to say the least) Whilst waiting for the quotes back I called our insurance company to ask if we were covered in transit only to be told “NO”. Then I got our first quote back. R28 0000. 18 for removal and 10 for insurance! And how do you NOT insure your goods ,because what if something happens on the trip down. (Rollercoaster down…) Then later that afternoon I was on another call to insurance for something else and happened to ask again if we’re covered and low and behold we are! I nearly kissed the dude on the end of the line as he saved me R10 000. (Rollercoaster up)  (Reminder: need to send him thank you gift)

Rollercoaster2: The job.

So Durban is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow on the job market and I’ve had no bites on my CV *cue little freak out* On top of that it turned out that I was going to lose my bonus (Rollercoaster down ) Then my boss told me that I could contract from the Durban office for another month to finish my big projects I’m working on. (Rollercoaster up)  Then she told me I’d contract so that means loss in salary (Rollercoaster down) Only to tell me this morning that I will stay on for June as an employee and I’m eligible for a bonus (Rollercoaster up)  

Rollercoaster 3: The land

This has been a fun one and more up than down but also comes with a bit of stress. Long story short, we’ve bought some land! It amazing and has sea views. But came with quite a bit of haggling and stress in getting in an offer before it went to someone else.

But I can proudly say the land is ours and will be transferred to us by June.

The part that sits like a razor blade in my belly is the uncertainty of it all. And believe me I’m trying. And largely I have handed it over to the big man upstairs. As I’ve said before this is definitely meant to be. Rich found a job in 2 weeks and we sold our house in 6 days….ITS MEAN’T TO BE!

But its hard its hard not knowing if I’ll get a job. It’s hard not knowing where we’ll live or if we’ll even find something that’s reasonable that we can afford.

It just keep telling myself there is no point in worrying and everything I’ve worried about so far has turned out just fine….. I’m not overly religious but I do have a strong faith  and I truly believe that God has got our backs on this one As Matt 6:34 says: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

 So i’m trying to let it all go and so far i’m doing a pretty good job and learning a lot about myself in the process. Talk about a journey 2013 has been so far!


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