Reheating Rice….Seriously what am I gonna do now!

OK, so a colleague told me a few weeks back that reheating rice is seriously dangerous.

Now as long as I can remember my mom always did rice in bulk, froze it in glad bags so that we had easy to reheat bag to accompany her yummy lamb stew. So naturally I’ve followed suite.

So I banked this info, for a few weeks until I needed to make rice for  lunch today and as old habits die hard I made it in bulk (to freeze like my momma of course!) So there I was left with loads of rice and not sure what to do with it. Normally I really wouldn’t have worried about it, about thing change when you have kids and now that the Ginger is around I take thinks like serious food poisoning seriously. So I turned to my trusty friend G. Oogle and this is what i found out.

So long story short, in case you don’t have time to read the article is that its safe to cook in bulk but you need to cool it down and freeze straight away. And only ever reheat once.

Shew I must say I’m relieved, would’ve changed how i do things in the kitchen a bit!


One comment on “Reheating Rice….Seriously what am I gonna do now!

  1. Jeanette says:

    So really it’s the same as any other food… it’s only safe to reheat once… no difference really

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