All threading and no top

I’ve been sewing for quite a few years now. I love it, and although not every item works out as planned, I still proudly sport quite a few items I’ve made myself.

For some time I have been voicing my subtle (ok maybe not so subtle :)) desire for an overlocker and a few weeks back Daddy Abs pitched up at home with a large square box and inside was a brand spanking new Empisal S4D!

Its gorgeous and I have been admiring its beauty for a few weeks, partly because I have been too busy and also out of sheer stupidty I left the foot pedal behind when I went to my BFF’s house for ‘sewing night’ (I know may seem really lame to some, but it was a awesome evening where I got to sew for 4 solids hours.)

Anyway back to my story. So I finally opened the box today and inserted the instructional DVD into DVD player and began to watch. I meticulously threaded this beauty and did what was told and then had to patiently wait till I had the Noink down before I could begin sewing…….and I’ve been BEGINNING SEWING for 2 hours now.

The tension is buggered and I’ve troubleshooted the S4D non stop for two hours! Hell I even googled it and alas I’m still topless 🙂

What a frustrating evening. Where did I go wrong. I’ve been sewing for several year, how the hell can I be getting this so wrong!?!?

A very frustrating evening for this ‘A’ type…..I’m off to bed. Maybe a fresh head (although i have polished several glasses of red in the process) tomorrow will sort out the tension and threading issue.



4 comments on “All threading and no top

  1. Renske says:

    Hi, just read this looking for a solution with my empisal overlocker. Did you ever get it sorted? Mine doesn’t even stitch the loops 😦

    • absandlol says:

      Hi Renske. I did eventually get it to work but I think through a sheer mixture of luck and playing around.
      You have to make sure that your threading is 100% correct from the start otherwise NOTHING works. I did also find the manual worked pretty well and helped in getting the tension right. Let me know if you didn’t come right and I’ll send you a few pages from the manual. Sorry I cant be much more help 😦

  2. Susie de Bruin says:

    I absolutely hate this machine….. Spent 3 hours beginning to sew for the second time. Had enough now. It’s going to eBay now.

    • absandlol says:

      I hear you Susie. I won’t lie I have had little success with the overlocker and on fact haven’t used it much. The idea sounds so appealing but on theory it’s been a nightmare!!

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