Things I’m grateful for….count your blessings

As you probably know we don’t sleep much.  I wont bore you with the details, but it would suffice to stay that on some nights wakings of 7/8 times is a good night! (so far its been 4 and its 10pm)

That being said however I still often say to Daddy Abs we are so blessed in so many ways… and when we have a night like we’re having so far tonight I remind myself of the following:

We have the happiest child during the day. He is such a content little guy and will sit and play for hours, talking away as if the whole world is his audience.

When I wish we had grannies and grandpa’s around I remind myself how blessed I am to have my BFF Sal around, who is a damn near close replacement in terms of the support she provides.

When he goes down and is up 2 hours later i realise I’m still blessed because betime is not a fight and he goes down like a dream. Suicide hour?!? Whats that? We’ve never experienced it and so we’re lucky.

I’m also blessed that the Ginger will eat ANYTHING and I mean anything! Two days ago he tried out Black olives and loved them!

When I have a bad day at work and I wonder what the hell I’m doing in a corporate. I’m reminded how lucky I am that my hours are flexible enough that I can come home and put my son to bed myself.

And finally when I’m up for what seems like the hundredth time, I still feel blessed when I hold my baby in my arms and he melts into them. I know that for that brief minute only I can make it better and that I mean the world to at least one person.



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