Stormy weeks…the rollecoaster ride called parenthood

It’s funny when you’re in the storm it always SO kak and you can’t see the wood for the trees, and then you look back and wonder what all the commotion was about? My sister liked to call them stormy weeks….

It was like that for me last week when things reached a head with Daniel his eating patterns. Slowly but surely since we moved Daniel has turned form the most amazing eater to a shocking one. I let it slide initially because I felt so horrid from the move and then we took a little time to find our mojo. Then it was the sleep or lack therof that we dealt with and then it was the end of the year, coupled with the onset of strong terrible two’s … it was really just easier to feed him from the list of stuff he would eat. But then I looked back and all of a sudden my son’s menu consisted of ABSOLUTELY no veggies and I’m sorry, but man cannot live on Scrambled egg alone…….

So last week saw us having yet another duel in the battle of the wills.

Night one went something like this:
‘Mommy I want a bottie’
‘My baby you have to eat num num’s before you can have a bottie, you know the rule’
Child proceeds to eat half a round of cucumber
Child goes to bed without a tears, tantrums or shouting…. but NO food in his tummy.
Mom closes child’s bedroom door and bursts into tears because she feels like the worst mother in the world.

I’m pleased however to inform that all is well and since then we are back to nutritious meals and have even added a few newbies to the menu.

I think Daniel knows that he can push only so far but man alive this motherhood thing is hard. That week came with so much self-doubt and indecision. I often say this to a new parent: ‘welcome to the wonder roller coaster ride called parenthood’ cos that sure as hell is what it is.