The ginger turns 3

It’s been a kak kak year this we know but it has also had its little pearls in between.

Take for example my Gingers 3rd birthday on the Wednesdays 10th September.

Nothing is greater and more rewarding in this life than watching your little boys face light up and his was lit so brightly!

It started with present opening in the morning before school. We bought a  police set which came with the cranky (which is a crane. He calls it cranky from cranky the crane in Thomas the tank engine series) stop signs, traffic cones, police car, helicopter. What a WIN!! Daddy Abs really exceeded himself as he chose it and it was just the best present ever!  He also go some presents from his uncle Matthew (his Godfather)


IMG_0098 (1024x683)IMG_0101 (683x1024)


Then we headed to school and I was privileged to be able to attend his birthday ring. They sang songs and we has birthday cake again my little guy just absolutely in his element.

IMG_0106 (683x1024)IMG_0108 (683x1024)IMG_0133 (683x1024)

IMG_0136 (1024x683)IMG_0130 (1024x683)

We ended off the day with a visit to spur with his girlfriend Lilly and her parents of course. We had the usual sparkler and ice cream for dessert and again his face was priceless! He’s never had the Spur birthday song. Watch this video how he puts his hands up to his face. What you cant hear him saying on the video:  is wow, mommy wow, for me? Priceless!!

image (1)

The birthday boy lights out after an amazing day. To bed with 6 horses, a cranky, a ball of prestik and a cat figurine

What amazed me the most was his appreciation. ON more than one occasion he flung his arms around me and thanked me for his present, his birthday. I’ve said it more than once but I’ll say it again….this little boys zest for life is incredible and such a wake up a call to me so often , to embrace life to the fullest!!!

On Saturday we had a small party with a few friends. The Request was simple a jumping castle and a “spirit” cake (spirit named after the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)

He was so spoilt and had such a blast. His ice cream cake was a hit and he was just simply delighted by the whole experience.

IMG_0226 (683x1024) IMG_0213 (683x1024) IMG_0199 (683x1024)

IMG_0153 (1024x683)

The theme was horses, so the party pack had to be horses!!

IMG_0242 (1024x683)

one last bit of fun on the jumping castle after everyone had left

IMG_0171 (1024x683)

Ice cream cake from Milky lane. It was only R300 and fed 20 adults and 7 kids and we still had left over! What a hit!!

IMG_0168 (683x1024)IMG_0155 (683x1024)  IMG_0181 (1024x683)   IMG_0202 (1024x683)

SO till next year….then I’ll have TWO parties to plan!!!

3 of us2 (1024x750)


The Ginger Turns 2


I blinked, a sleepless, much older blink, but blinked nevertheless and he was two years old!

Where has it gone?

I will never forget that day, as our world was pierced by that shrill shriek and a mop of fiery red hair. He was here and he had taken his place in our world and it would never be the same!

I look at the past two years and truly cannot imagine life without our precious boy. I am quite taken aback at how much I love this child. Its that kind of your- heart- will- burst kinda love and every day he proves me wrong and I realise I do have capacity to love him even more than the day before!

What a privilege to be able to watch him grow and experience life.

Happy birthday my darling Daniel. We love you madly

Mommmy and Daddy Abs