Instant Gratification…I don’t do well without it

So I wrote this post and then realised how pathetic I am that I was actually able to write a whole post about this … I was going to delete it but thought, why not…its my blog and I’ll blog if I want to!! 🙂

Hi, I’m Lauren and I an instant gratification addict!

Seriously people it’s a real problem. I’m the type of person that buys biltong  from the store and just HAS TOO open the packet for a little taste, or when we buy Macdonalds I steal a chip before we’re even out of the drive thru!

So its killing me people that I can’t get an appointment to cut my hair until NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY!

That’s 7 days!

You see I have been having a little crisis in my life over me and feeling yuk about myself and part of that has been my hair.

1. I am on a serious diet (yes I know my 50th this year!) but I just figured I have GOT to lose the last 5kgs I’ve been talking about for like two years now! Plus I live in a coastal town and over weekends , coastal people live on the beach. Problem is I can’t cover my bad bits because I have a super active ginger and so I have to be IN the water watching him and not lying on the beach suntanning …stationery so that my bad bits don’t wobble. So I gotta get me some skinny bit before Christmas!

2. Then there’s the hair drama. I have cut a fringe 5 times in 5 years, this being my 5th. I have been growing my fringe out since December and finally it was tie-upable. But I have a big forehead and I really do like a fringe. Sooooo two weeks ago I cut a short one and loved it for about a week! We’re entering windy windy time here at the coast and a result my beautiful coiffed fringe gets blown in every direction and I end up pinning it back. And as for my locks they get tied up in a pony. So my haircut has not been a success and I’m feeling yuk about my hair.

So I’ve decided to cut if all off for the summer but can only get an appointment for next Wednesday and let me tell you it’s totally messing with my head!

  • I’m now having doubts and I NEVER have doubts about stuff when I make a decision.
  • Its making me miss my long hair (that’s not even gone yet) and I’m play with it all the time.
  • It’s all I can think about (how sad has my life become)
  • I’m realising how bad I am with my patience levels
  • I’m questioning… do I take it as a sign that I can’t get an appointment till next week and keep my locks……
  • I’m also realising that this instant gratification thing is totally genetic because Daniel is the same (or is that I’m teaching him the errors of my ways and turning him into a mini me…eek??!?)

Ok so because I have time on my hands (YES A WHOLE FRIKKING WEEK, just in case you’d forgotten 🙂 ) lets get a pole out.

Yes or no to the cut?

This is the way I wanna go

This is the way I wanna go – Gywneth Paltrow in the movie Sliding doors.

This was me in 2010……

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