Pregnancy Catch up (32 Weeks)

20 wks half way

20 weeks

23 weeks 2 (681x1024)

23 weeks


28 weeks (682x1024)

28 weeks

32 weeks (2) (683x1024)

32 weeks


Oh my!!!  I only realised now as I pasted the text into the browser that this update i WELL overdue. I posted when I was 17 weeks and i’m 34 now….. Whahah, well life it filled with good intentions 🙂

It’s been a hard pregnancy (this is relative, bearing in mind with the Ginger I breezed it) But it’s been hard for different reasons. I have really battled physically this time round.

You don’t get to put your feet up like you do when there are aren’t other kids around which would be a great help but I’ve also had a helluva few months at work. I actually saw this post on FB by a mate and I just had to steal it because it is such an apt indication of what it’s been like :


But yah seriously its been a rough few months and I’ll be very glad when my maternity leave starts, which is mere weeks away now.

I’m 34 weeks can you believe it and its really starting to dawn on me and soon I won’t have my belly. Soon I won’t be able to feel the Ablet kick. I know I’ve battled this time round but I’ve loved being pregnant. Even though I have constant back ache and headaches I’m still very mindful of the fact that I’m so frikkin blessed to be able to carry this child and no one can take that away from me!!!

There are so many people that don’t get to carry a child, which I can only imagine must be devastating!!!! But I got to do it twice and for that I’m very greatful.

So as they say in Afrikaans ….”Min Dae” (few days) left and even in my sleepless uncomfortable state I thank God every day for this baby growing in my belly and also trying to enjoy the last few time I do this, before the “shop closes”

Pregnancy Advice

It would seem that even though this is my second baby the advice still comes in thick and fast.

It is however 2nd baby and that means I’ve done this before and whilst there are things that I’m doing exactly the same (like absolutely NO alcohol and sushi, oysters) there are things that I have totally relaxed on.

I have a friend who gets mightily upset when she gets advice I however find it rather amusing and am reminded of the the Baz Lurhmann song “Everybody’s free”:Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who 
supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of  fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the 
ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth”

SO in no particular order, here is the advice I’ve recieved:

1. Don’t eat Apples in fact don’t eat fruit!!! You WILL BALLOON.

2. Don’t eat NUTS. You will give your baby allergies!

3. Don’t eat Yoghurt, it will harm your baby

4. Don’t eat too many oranges your baby will be born with Jaundice

and then my favourite from yesterday…..

5. Don’t burn any essential oils you WILL GO INTO LABOUR

I’m not even halfway so I reckon there will be a lot more added to the list, so watch this space. 🙂


Ablet update – 17 weeks – 17 July 2014

I’m 17 weeks today!

How the hell did that happen?!?!?!

I know. Build a house, let your dad have a stroke on top of being pregnant and THAT’S how it happens!!!

It’s sad because I have only written in the Ablet’s journal once (*note to self – add to list: “TO DO”)

Ablet you may be asking…why? Well we didn’t find out what Daniel was so we called him Mini Abs. Daddy’s nickname at University was Abs because of his surname Abdo so it seemed appropriate to call baby no 1 Mini Abs. And we don’t intend finding out what this one is either and couldn’t call it Mini Abs as well, hence the choice: Ablet. So Ablet he/she shall be until December.

My belly continues to grow and I feel a lot larger than last time. Its funny tho that when you compare my belly pics with Daniel I’m actually pretty much the same size (except for my added years of  wisdom I’m storing in my bum!!! 🙂

This is me with Daniel:


8 weeks framed12 week framed16 weeks framed high res


And this is the Ablet:

8 wks12 wks16 wks

Daniel loves his Baby “Sister” who knows maybe he’s right? I have an inkling it may be a “pinkie” but I’m not sure if it’s a feeling like last time or if it because my pregnancy has been SO different that I feel this way. Doesn’t matter what it is, I cant wait!!!


13 weeks

Reciprocal kisses


13 wks (2)

Giving the Ablet a kiss – 13wks

16 wks (3)

Comparing Tummies – 16 wks