My heart is sore…even tho I knew it would be


I’m sad today…..and  I knew when this day came that I would be sad, even though I knew it was coming.

My sister-in-law’s Dad , Malcolm Stewart passed away this morning from a very aggressive brain cancer.

It has been 6 months from diagnosis…..and it just strikes me whilst I guess they were lucky that they had 6 months to “say goodbye” how do you ever SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR DAD!!!

There are some things I will always remember about him

  • Malcolm (we called him Mally) was a giant of a man. Standing 6.5ft tall he always towered over me.
  • He had giant hands as well and there is absolutely nothing in the world better than a Mally hug.
  • He was always smiling and upbeat
  • He always called me “Lorrie” and would always greet me with half a laugh as he said my name
  • We was always interested in what I was doing and always took the time to listen to me
  • He loved red wine and introduced me to Pinotage!
  • He absolutely adored his family: His wife Sally, Girls: Kelly, Philly and Meg!!!

Those are just a few memories and my heart hurts as I remember them fondly. I can only imagine what Kels and her two sisters Megs and Philly must be feeling, let alone Sal.

It’s so sad that it takes death for one to hug those close to us a little harder when it should be daily!

As always the saying: God picks the prettiest flowers first rings true. Today we lost great man one that I’m so privileged and honoured to have met.

RIP Mally. You will be missed