The ” we-are-not-load-shedding” load shedding


I’ve always said that if I had to choose, I’d choose no electricity over no water. I’d like to amend that to I’d choose to have lights though before Daniel’s bedtime (you try getting a little person ready for bed in the dark)….although I must say when you have a little person in the house neither is ideal.

I must say during the ” we-are-not-load-shedding” load shedding we’ve had the past few night I have become even more aware and grateful for how easy the Ginger is: I’m grateful that he’ll eat anything. Hot, cold, lukewarm. I’m also grateful that we have never heated his bottles so his evening bottle or early morning one is not an issue.

The load shedding is also a blessing in disguise in that it slows one down and takes you out of the rat race and noise that comes with TV’s etc. It also turned Daddy Abs into a magician as he made shapes on the compactum in place of Dan’s bedtime story.

And finally it’s a gentle reminder of how bloody cold this winter is and makes one lend a thought to those not so fortunate to have 4 albeit cold walls around them.

Time to sign off and turn our King bed into a queen as I snuggle over to daddy abs’s side to get some warmth and much needed zzzzz’s before we get woken by the inevitable brights lights we’ve forgotten on!!!