Life oh life, oh life, oh life, do do do do……

So I’ve kind of set our moving into motion. Whilst we still have two months before our lease officially ends I’ve started looking for a place cos I figure the move is inevitable and we will move twice this year like it or not, so there is no point kicking and screaming. Again this little town has proven it’s not what you know but who…..and after phoning several agents (who are nothing but useless!! – and I can make a comment like this as it’s my second time looking for rentals in 7 months- I’m experienced!!) So as I was saying after phoning several USELESS agents I asked Daniel’s teacher if she knew of a place and in half and hour I had a contact who has a place. Saw it, loved it, and just waiting to see if the owner will accept a shorter lease till December when our house will hopefully be done!

House you ask? Yip well our plans are in council and we’re just waiting to ask for early commencement. Now for those that have built a house I can hear you all saying she’s smoking her socks thinking it’ll be done by the end of the year. But I’m remaining really hopeful that our rainy season will not halt too much building and that yes we will in fact be in our new home by Christmas. It seems rather surreal that we’re building our own home and I absolutely cannot wait to break ground… this space.

On the ginger front: we had our School interview this week and Daniel has been accepted. It was so funny…it couldn’t have been more perfect. We arrived as it was break time and he saw both his cousins and ran up to them as the principal arrived! Rachel (the older) is a prefect and Jess no doubt will be too, they are such amazing Kids and I was so proud to say they were “my” girls. Daniel was also on top form and he was his ever engaging self. He is such an amazing kid and confident and full of life. He has the most amazing zest for life. The other day I bought him two pairs of shoes and I say to him: “My baby do you want to see what I bought you?“ he claps his hands with glee and shouts ‘yes mommy’ and so I show him and tell him that once we’ve been into the shops we‘ll go home and try them on and he replies: Ooooh mommy eeeegggciiiiting!!

Back to the school thing though….. finally get how Grade R (age 6/7) and first day of school is a big thing for moms, cos as I sent the forms and the deposit today to secure his place a little bit of me held back. My baby is getting to big SO fast and I actually dreaded how my little guy would walk into school in a uniform (albeit a t-shirt and shorts) and I worried how he would lose the lunchtime sleep and just be a BIG boy.

But I gave myself a good talking to and put my big girl panties on and moved on….that’s a moment to get choked up on in Jan 2015!!

Only three weeks to Easter can you frikking believe it, and a trip to EL in the pipeline (Rich’s hometown) which we’re really looking forward to having been back last in October 2012.

And maybe a house move in a the interim….who knows….just going with the flow here in Ballitoville 🙂