Change as my little one grows


The Ginger is fast approaching 3 and was still on bottles as of last week. Let me however clarify…..he would eat an entire meal at supper time and then wolf down 240ml of full cream milk! Nothing at bed and nothing during the night and then when he woke up in the morning and we were watching TV or playing games, he’d have a morning bottle.

Now you would think why on earth is that a problem? and it wasn’t until winter hit…..he has been waking between 4-5am freezing cold as we cannot keep socks of a blanket on the child…and so he was crawling into bed with us and requesting the bottle, which he would down and then go to sleep. Then Lord Muck started requesting it be warmed to a suitable temperature and I just said enough! We were effectively going back to a night bottle and I just said to Daddy Abs that’s not acceptable.

On top of that he was waking 3/4 times a night crying and dreaming. So on top of the bottle I cut down TV and we rather read more stories and play games before bath. I must say I’m absolutely loving spending the quality time with Daniel and so is he. It’s funny how one can lose sight of what’s important and cooking supper is not NB! So we eat a little later because I only start supper when he’s down , but I’m getting good time with my little guy before his world is turned upside down in December!

It has been a week today and we have only had two mini meltdowns and only in the mornings. Otherwise he hasn’t even flinched! I attribute it to the fact that he was actually ready. It was me who wasn’t……

My boy is growing up so fast and of course this brought all the ┬ámom emotions…..Guilt that I should have let him be, Sadness at how quickly he is growing up.

I wish I could tape a video camera to my forehead so I could video every moment of his waking. He is the most delightful kid. He is so strong willed and knows exactly what he wants in this life and but also has the most gentle soul and is so tactile and dishes out love and affection that will melt any heart!

Says to me in the bath last night:

Daniel: Mommy I sad

Me: Why my baby?

Daniel: (BIG sigh) Because I love Mommy and Daddy so much!

Oh to be so loved. Such a privilege!!