Growing up

The advantage of the Ginger growing up is that every week are able to do more and more with him. And as always it is such a treasure to be able to share in these moments of wonderment and amazement as my Ginger does something for the first time.

Two weeks ago we went to the Animal Farm and Daniel got to ride a pony. This wasn’t his first ride however his first ride he was a little overwhelmed and this time round he really enjoyed it.
He is still talking about “The pony” three weeks on so it’s a good thing that we are off to another animal farm (this time in Assegai) for a birthday party this weekend.





We also visited friends in Kloof last weekend. It’s a 140km round trip so its the kind of pack your flask or coffee and sarmies kind of trip. But it’s lovely that Daniel and Tayla got to see each other. Tayla is 5 days older than Daniel and you could see they were the same age because in terms maturity they just got on like a house on fire. Except when Daniel leaned in for a hug….Tayla was having none of that!

IMG_8105 IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8111 IMG_8101 IMG_8099 IMG_8114 IMG_8117
Bath time was especially fun though and there were many bubbles on the floor! 

Last weekend was by far my highlight of the past few weeks thought. We got to take Daniel to his first movie. There was a brief moment in the beginning where it was touch and go and he wanted to leave but he soon settled and watched right until the credits.

IMG_2608 IMG_2610

This was followed by Macdonalds another first. He was in awe!!!

The Ginger just amazes me with how quickly he is growing and developing. In many respects he is becoming so much easier as he is able to communicate better what he wants. Getting older does come with it challenges though but I am implementing the 1…2…3… magic principle which seems to be working well.

We have also sort of started potty training. Last weekend was our first weekend. We are taking is slowly and there is no pressure. Daniel has shown the interest so we thought we’d take the bull by the horns and give it a go. Whole new dimension there!

It’s insane how quickly they grow up…..

Awesome weekend

We had a lovely weekend!

Friday was an absolutely awful day and I left the office in tears, a mixture of unforseen costs to add onto an already stressed i-have-no-job budget and frustrations with being treated like an imbecile even though I regard myself above average intelligence! (hey you gotta back your own horse 🙂

But enough of that kak cos I wanna tell you how my weekend panned out and it was pretty darn cool!

SO I had dinner booked with my person, Sal, at our little local , Simply Asia in Bryanston. The food is alway a winner. Its fresh and doesn’t leave you feeling like you could roll out of there! We arrived at 7:30pm and I heard Sal saying to the restaurant manager 8 and I thought. N0 half past seven , not 8, and then I turned around and there they were, 8 of my closest girlfriends! And true to form I CRIED!

It was such a lovely evening and good on my Sal for organising. Man she’s a good friend!

Then Saturday I had Sal and I booked in at the Camelot student spa for Pedis and me a back massage and Sal a mani. Unfortunately my therapist had car trouble so I only got the massage and Sal the mani, so we canned the Pedis and left there feeling a little cheated. We decided to make up for it and headed to Mugg and bean for breakfast.

So I arrived home at 11am feeling utterly guilty at leaving Daddy abs to look after the ginger but also a little rejuvenated from the stress of the past 6 months!

Then reality hit and we started packing (while the ginger slept). We knocked a good 10 boxes, brining the total to 23. I’ve long let go of my bet and Daddy abs is probably gonna be spot on, on 40 boxes!


Rich's box he packed

Rich’s box he packed

The boxes I packed in the same time....just saying ;)

The boxes I packed in the same time….just saying 😉


Sunday I was super excited for out Photoshoot we’d planned with most of our mates.Unfortunately our photographer cancelled on us last minute. But where there’s a will there’s a way’, so armed with a tripod and camera and some very willing mates we headed off to the park just down the road for some pics. We got some lovelies.



We had some hysterical moments getting the kids pic as we had a runner (aka ‘Luko'”affectionately name by my son). We managed to get him to stay still by seating him.



Sadly as with all good things, they must come to an end and we dropped off Daddy Abs at the airport. Dan was with me and he cried pretty much the whole way home 😦 He had such an amazing time with his daddy this weekend. He does however seem to understand when I say daddy’s coming tomorrow so roll on Wednesday so that can be true!!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a goodie.

Single figures to go till the move Yipeeeee!!!