Five minute Friday – Together


Where a few weeks ago there was fear in doing this, now I really look forward to this where I get to write and not overthink…..This is the Five Minute Friday Challenge hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

You get to write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, and no backtracking. This week’s word is: Together


Tonight, I could just burst with excitement. As we celebrate your birthday, together just the two of us, away for the night tonight.

Hasn’t been just the two of us together since that little bundle entered our lives 2 years ago.

Except together takes on a whole new meaning now….together is us, three, family. Our together tonight will be awesome but will be a bit like we’re missing a limb and integral part. Funny how something so little can be such a big part in such a short time… if the us never existed….

It’s funny how our together has changed….bettered itself…..funny how together 2011 was so different from together 2013.

I miss the us of 2011 somewhat…long for it, the stillness….. and see tonight as the start of reviving a little of the us.

But know that at the same time I will long and ache for my ginger and think of him often and imagine me scooping him up, slender arms wrapped tightly around my neck, wiggling into me.

I miss us but I love our new together….I love you and I love the ginger with all my heart and that makes me burst too with joy and excitement at the beautiful journey through life together.

Think of me, think of me fondly

Tomorrow I’m gonna ask that the God’s shine down on me, as I’m going for an interview.
Can you believe it. Second interview after 6 months of looking. THAT’S how dead the market is in Durbs!

The job’s paying peanuts….. like 2/3 of my current salary peanuts, but does boasts perks of being 3km from home and comes with much less pressure than the corporate world.

Look, I have to get the job first, but if I do I’m going to take. Hey, better having some money coming in than none! It’s funny because I’m actually really excited about the role (as it stands on paper ) I really think I could add great value as hopefully I’ve learnt a thing or two in my ten years experience. The thing that excites me most is that I will really be able to put my stamp on something again and proudly be able to say: “I did that” Not that I’m fishing for complements but one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my current role is that I’m a nobody and really leave my job everyday feeling like I’ve added no value other than being the kippie (aka loser ) that was prepared to sit and audit a document system or prepare internal comms for the organisation. It’s been a really hard year to go from being the marketing manager of 16 well renowned and successful eyewear brands to the paper pusher/PA/person who will do all the kak jobs. And don’t get me wrong I’m the first person to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty….just miss having my opinion count and being someone whose opinion is respected as something of value….

But moving on…..hopefully in a few weeks 🙂

This excitement comes on the back of a great really busy weekend. So busy that both daddy Abs and I have said no more! Well for this weekend at least Saturday was a friends baby shower and Sunday it was church in the morning , followed by the beach and then a braai with friends in the afternoon. But it’s required. If we’re going to make friends we are going to have to make an effort to meet people and this means going for braais etc. We have however said this weekend is a family chill weekend and hopefully will be spent on the beach with the Ginger.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow. All of you!!! 8:30am….think of me!




My heart is sore…even tho I knew it would be


I’m sad today…..and  I knew when this day came that I would be sad, even though I knew it was coming.

My sister-in-law’s Dad , Malcolm Stewart passed away this morning from a very aggressive brain cancer.

It has been 6 months from diagnosis…..and it just strikes me whilst I guess they were lucky that they had 6 months to “say goodbye” how do you ever SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR DAD!!!

There are some things I will always remember about him

  • Malcolm (we called him Mally) was a giant of a man. Standing 6.5ft tall he always towered over me.
  • He had giant hands as well and there is absolutely nothing in the world better than a Mally hug.
  • He was always smiling and upbeat
  • He always called me “Lorrie” and would always greet me with half a laugh as he said my name
  • We was always interested in what I was doing and always took the time to listen to me
  • He loved red wine and introduced me to Pinotage!
  • He absolutely adored his family: His wife Sally, Girls: Kelly, Philly and Meg!!!

Those are just a few memories and my heart hurts as I remember them fondly. I can only imagine what Kels and her two sisters Megs and Philly must be feeling, let alone Sal.

It’s so sad that it takes death for one to hug those close to us a little harder when it should be daily!

As always the saying: God picks the prettiest flowers first rings true. Today we lost great man one that I’m so privileged and honoured to have met.

RIP Mally. You will be missed


The wrath of the purple dinosaur

I was convinced that we were going to escape the wrath of the purple dinosaur. We had done so well for 20 months………And then granny introduced the Ginger to Barney!!!
While we were in Durban granny innocently put on an episode of Barney she had recorded and he was mesmorised!

I was running towards her shouting nooooooooooooooo but it was too late

His new word it now Barley (aka Barney) which he uses with great frequency, and to say he is obsessed it an understatement!!

Granny has purchased a him a barney teddy and this dude goes everywhere with us. This past weekend we also purchased two DVDs only because we get shouted at when the recorded ones switch to ad breaks .At least the DVD’s play for a half hour.

BarneyBarney 3

Barney 2

Barney 5

The backpack donated by our next door neighbours little girl.

Barney 4

Occasionally bunny gets to feature and sit with Barney while watching Barney episodes on TV

  Barney 6  

As much as I wish I could tell him Barney is dead I can’t but help see the educational benefits. (you NEVER heard me say that!) He is really learning from this guy and it’s amazing how he does the actions to songs…..

I still don’t know what the attraction is though. What is it that makes every child love him with such obsession and passion?