When it all goes pear shaped

We’re reliving the no sleep hell of October 2012 again! I feel like I’ve just given birth to a new born. i.e I’m so tired it’s hard to breathe. It reminds me of the line of the song by Shania Twain: ” and its only hurts  when I’m breathing”

It so bad because everything just falls apart and all you can think about is sleep. I had a cup of coffee and Wedgewood Nougat for breakfast, so, so much for the diet and exercise WHAHAHAHA!

So Daniels fever broke finally on Sunday night. But he was up so many times that Daddy Abs and I lost track as the bedroom visits blended. I eventually ended up in the Ginger’s bed with him and even though I was lying with him he woke sobbing his heart out and was totally inconsolable. I said to Daddy Abs: ‘It’s his ears…I recognise this, its October 2012 all over again!’

I fortunately had a check up appointment with our new ENT yesterday. We loved our ENT in Joburg ,Dr Van der Nest, and he  referred us to Dr Desmarais in the Umhlanga Medical Centre. What a breath of fresh air. He was absolutely amazing with Daniel and restored my faith in the Durban medical profession somewhat. With regards to Daniel’s care, I’ve been a little despondent as its hasn’t been that great when we’ve needed someone. But Dr Desmarais was amazing and if we end up going the grommets, adenoids surgery again you don’t need just any ENT, you need someone who is good with little people. Anyway enough about him I think you get the just of how much I liked him 🙂

His diagnosis: 

MASSIVE throat infection. Tonsils pussy. Ear test came back negative, means he doesn’t know how the child can hear. Can’t assess if needs more grommets because he’s so sick. Need to clear it up and seeing him next week again. One grommet is out and the other is out of the drum and lying in wax still in ear.

He was amazed at the Ginger’s high pain threshold as it’s a wonder he’s not screaming in agony and only a little moany.

So we’re onto round two of antibiotics and last night was shocking! SHOOOOOOCKING! We couldn’t send the little dude to school and so Daddy Abs is with him till 10 then he’s off to Granny for his sleep and then I’m taking the afternoon shift.

I don’t know how we survived without my mother in JHB for  the first two years of Daniel’s life, especially when we went through this last time….. For that reason alone our move to Durbs was the best thing ever. Kudo’s to the people that raise kids without a support system!!

So here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel and my poor little guy turning the corner and maybe one day we will sleep.

Time flies….when you’re in a storm

I haven’t written for a while, not from lack of content, just because it been a rough few weeks.

I think I mentioned that Daniel started cutting his molars in September the weekend before his birthday…..well he’s STILL cutting his molars.

I think the first few weeks we were just riding it out and just as you think you’ve had enough he’d have a good night and all would seem well in the land of parents-who-don’t- sleep.

But then it started getting a little ridiculous and I started freaking out about the fact that for 5 weeks we had been giving Daniel Calpol for pain…..or was it pain ….or tummy…. or headache….or ears (man it would be so easy if he talked!!!)

Then about two weeks ago Daniel got sick….so off we trundled to Dr Essey again and he was given a multitude of drugs but no antibiotic because it wasn’t his ears.

A week later Daniel was still coughing and absolutely revolting!!! So revolting that I was suitably scared for Daddy Abs’s upcoming golf tour and being left alone for three days with said “Revolting Child” and booked a weekend to my folks (this Mommy needs help and I’m not afraid to admit it!!)

So last Saturday we went back to Dr mainly because I wanted to check his ears and also because my gut told me something was up! Our lovely little happy boy was now unhappy at night AND during the day.

Confirmed! 1 x ear infection in the right ear again. That was now three ear infections in four months all in the right ear and we got ourselves a one way ticket to Dr Van der nest, the ENT.

We were so lucky. We got an appointment really quickly and on Monday afternoon we had Daniel booked for Bilateral grommets on Wednesday morning. Looking back it was good it happened so fast because I wasn’t able to really process that I was willingly going to put my baby under general anesthetic.

I won’t bore you with the whole story and if you want to read about the grommets, you can do it here. But lets just say I’m glad its over. We still have the teeth to contend with and the last molar is busy cutting so the Ginger is a little sore still, but we’ve been able to implement some sleep training and are now only getting up twice a night , which is like heaven in the land of parents-who- don’t- sleep.

Most of all we have out happy Ginger back!