It finally feels like home

I’ve said this several times over the past few months that this has truly been one of the hardest times of our lives. Whilst it has also been the most exciting time with us building our first home together is has at the same time been a real adjustment financially with me halving my salary, Rich travelling a lot and also me moving into a work environment that has been quite different!

But over the past two weeks we have settled into a little bit of normality and it has really started to feel good. Don’t get me wrong I have NEVER doubted our move but I have wondered where we’d have been had we not have moved.

Two weeks ago we had a really busy weekend. We had Daniel’s teddy bears picnic with school after church and then we took our very tired bundle home for a sleep. Then we went off to a braai with friends from church….. and you know what? IT ROCKED! The whole frikking weekend just rocked.

I say it again it has been such a wonder and joy to be part of CCNC our church. Not in the 9 years I was in JHB did I have that sense of community and friendship that we have had in the short time we’ve been a part of CCNC. Whilst my dad was sick in Feb the prayers were unbelievable and the offers of food etc. THAT is what a church is about! It about having a family away from family. And of course there’s the amazing benefit that Rich after us being together for 9 years is finally worshiping with me and it’s because he feels comfortable and he too feels the sense of community and that’s awesome!

Last weekend was super awesome too. We went out for supper with Daniel’s “girlfriend” Lilly’s parents and on Saturday I played Action netball with the mom’s from our school.

Netball 2 (800x600)Netball 1 (600x800) We got our asses kicked but it was helluva fun (I couldn’t walk for three days kinda fun ;)) Then we rushed off for an impromptu date night Daddy Abs and me and went to watch my home rubgy team The Sharks play the Lions.

Rugby 2 (1024x768) Rugby1 (1024x768)

This weekend we having people over for a braai. I’m unfortunately having to work the morning tomorrow but then I’m done for the week.

So yah it finally feels like we have a little bit of life and it feels really good.

In other news our plans are ready to be submitted to council. So fingers crossed and lots of prayers that they sail through and that we can start building by May.  All Very exciting!!!

Oh December you busy thing!

It’s been a rather hectic time for us in sleepy Ballito, hence my lack of communication, for which I apologise.

I’ve been super busy at the club with sponsor cocktail functions, bingo evenings and the like. I’m really loving my work though and find it incredibly rewarding seeing the fruits of my labour on a daily basis. Feeds my need for instant gratification 🙂

I’ve also officially joined the worship team at CCNC (Christ Church North Coast) and have been heavily roped into Sunday services and of course the Carol service next week Friday, in which I’m now singing a solo which I’m a leeeetle nervous about. My involvement has however resulted in a lots of practices and I’m practically living at the church at the moment. Big Kudos needs to go to my ever suffering husband who has really pulled it out the bag and been a huge support in putting Daniel to bed most nights in the past two weeks.

I miss them both though….it’s funny how your life changes and how you miss the little things like my last cuddle at night and saying “ Night night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” to which the ginger replies “ mommy no buggy bite”


December is also a very hard month for me….. It’s the month that three years ago I said goodbye to probably the most influential best friend I have ever had in my life. I won’t go on about Roz because I battle to remain dry eyed but I will just repeat what I said in my FB status. Let it suffice to say, my world is way poorer for not having her still in my life.. Here is what I said: Today I remember you. I think of what an amazing friend you were, how you much you brought to my life and how much I deeply miss you. Three years Rozzie and still it hurts like it was yesterday! Today I will try not shed too many tears but rather smile for having had the privilege to call you friend.

December is always a hard month as I always seem to fall apart a little……being a working mom as most of you will know requires some real planning and coordination, which I don’t seem to get right very often in December. I’ve found this year particularly hard in that I’m so finished and exhausted with the move. It’s been a big year people, moving cities is hard stuff!!! That coupled with the thought that I’m not getting time off (working in a service industry) makes it a little harder I guess. I am lucky though I do get a few days between Christmas and New year so I’m hoping to recharge over those few days….

I also sadly attended a funeral yesterday of a family friend’s husband. I didn’t have the privilege of meeting Dave but from the turnout yesterday and knowing how unbelievably happy Helen (Bels) was I can only imagine what an amazing guy he was. At the funeral they recited the poem The dash. I’ve heard it once before and having just remembered Roz just two weeks ago it really struck a chord with me…..If you have the time, it really is worth the read.

Other more cheerful news is that we still haven’t put up our Christmas tree, nor have we taken our annual Christmas family photo but that is what long weekends are for 🙂 So much excitement this weekend. We are also putting the Ginger into a “big boy bed” this weekend as he’s really ready. We were going to wait until the new year but he gets so hot in his cot and also thrashes around a lot so we decided there is no time like the present!!! Wish us luck and let’s hope he stays in the bed!!!

And that’s about all my news. I intend sending out my annual wind up in the next week or so, when things calm down but until then enjoy the festivities and remember to give those around you a little bit of extra love. It is afterall the time of giving!