The Ginger Turns 2


I blinked, a sleepless, much older blink, but blinked nevertheless and he was two years old!

Where has it gone?

I will never forget that day, as our world was pierced by that shrill shriek and a mop of fiery red hair. He was here and he had taken his place in our world and it would never be the same!

I look at the past two years and truly cannot imagine life without our precious boy. I am quite taken aback at how much I love this child. Its that kind of your- heart- will- burst kinda love and every day he proves me wrong and I realise I do have capacity to love him even more than the day before!

What a privilege to be able to watch him grow and experience life.

Happy birthday my darling Daniel. We love you madly

Mommmy and Daddy Abs