Catch up

So I’m sitting in JHB on my second last day in a hotel room. It quiet, its 5:17pm and I’m no trying to get a ginger to eat, or prepare supper. I’m sitting with my laptop on my lap and catchin up on news. It’s bliss!!!!

It’s been a helluva few weeks peeps! And that statement alone does not come close to describing it!

Because I’ve been rather quiet I have a bit of catching up to do. Because a lot of people that read here don’t have time I’ve decided to go with the shortened version (which for those who know me well you’ll know its pretty hard to do 🙂

I have however written the other posts and will hyperlink to the incidents/events so if you have the time you can go read.

So when last I wrote I was going to an interview.

Well I’m happy to say that Gods shone very brightly down on me and I finally have a new job!!

It’s funny because everything that we’ve prayed for has fallen into place. We are here. We are actually in Durban and it’s all happened in 4 and a half months! Now if that wasnt meant to be then I don’t know what is!!

But as always it has happened the way God planned for us not the way we planned it for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong it has been awesome and not for one second do I regret our decision but this job has come to me and I’ve really been challenged to my core. I’m taking a double figure cut in my salary a month. It comes with no benefits and for now I have to work through Christmas and New Year, so yah I’m questioning the job move…. But as my sis always says: “God gives you what you need” and I know deep down inside this is going to be good. Yah we’ve had to scale down but we’re gonne be fine and I think that maybe this is what I really need and what my health needs following my hospital/allergic reaction scare!

So yah after much stress I have a job and I start on Monday the 5th August and I’m flipping excited about it!!! I really think I’m going to be able to add huge value to the club and I’m looking forward to being a somebody that someone values!!!

So that all happened two weeks ago and I accepted on Monday the 15th July.

Then on the Wednesday we had a little girl’s night out. I was so excited. I was going to see a friend’s show in town with my Mom and Sister. Was SO excited that I was getting out and really looked forward to it. Ended up in hospital though… can read about it here.

That left me seriously depleted off an already really exhausted base.

However we had a really lovely weekend in the berg planned that weekend. We went to Cayley’s Lodge and met our Rich’s folks there. We had a really lovely time and stayed till the Monday early am to extend the weekend. We don’t get to see them often and leaving on Monday meant we got to spend a little more time with them. As usual Daniel was so besotted with his “Gully” and “Bugger” (yes my son calls Grandpa, Bugger….not sure why but we roll with it- it is rather cute to hear a little 22months old shouting Bugger Bugger down the passage!) On Saturday we went for a walk down to the dam and then on Sunday we chilled. The Drakensberg “Berg” is just the most magical place and rejuvenates the soul. Alas it was over too soon and we had to head back to Durbs. It’s funny though it was not with the same dread as it always was when we had to head to the “City of Smoke”

And then I headed into my last week at my current job. It was really hectic trying to finish everything up plus feeling really grotty from the fish episode. So eventually I moved my appointment I had with sis for tomorrow to last week Thursday. My sis is a nutritionist, who does B.E.S.T testing. The good thing is that I haven’t developed a shellfish allergy. Bad thing is I’m not in a good way. Adrenal gland not functioning, Thyroid not working. Liver not working and somewhere i picked up Hepatitis and Coxsackie!!! So yah. Its detox for me and a whole lotta supplements. It’s Days two and my head REALLY REALLY FRIKKIN HURTS!!! But I’m on the mend and already I feel a hundred times better than I did last week. No wanting to pass out and the shakes/hypoglycaemia is minimal. So here’s to good health!!!

And here I am in JHB to handover and say goodbye to this chapter in my life. I’m looking forward to the challenges and exciting adventures!!

Watch this space……

Keep clutching at straws

10days since my last post partly because not much has in essence changed and partially cos I’ve been trying process all of this.

So we dropped R600 at the ENT only to be told he’s a gorgeous little guy and do we have calpol cos he’s ears are fine, maybe it’s teething? ( TEETH Really?!? Thanks Doc but teeth, seriously is that the best you could come up with for R600 buckeroos?!?!)

Then we had another few pearler nights and I *cue bad motherhood* prayed once again for SOMETHING to bloody manifest itself so we would have our ‘what’s wrong’

Then we were thrown a frikking bone and the physio Joanne Enslin, with whom we’d booked a Cranio sacral therapy session, had a cancellation and we were able to see her a week earlier than planned. We in the meantime had cancelled our weekend away with mates of ours and booked ourselves three VERY pricey tickets courtesy of kulula to Durban to see my sister who is a BEST life practitioner. ( as you can see we’ve started the alternative medicine route as it seems western medicine is failing us)

Ok so back to the craniosacral therapy session. So we went and again I clutched at my little straw in the hope of finding something wrong *cue bad motherhood*….*again*

It was an interesting session and I found it fussed me quite a bit, mainly because of reaction Daniel had. I’ve done some research and yet still find myself a little clueless so I’ll let this website explain what it is further. But basically in Lauren terms, Joanne laid Daniel down on the physio bed and placed her hands on him and when she got to his hips and neck the child went beserk! I mean he REALLY cried! She said he wasn’t in any pain but that it was more of an emotional release. At one stage she picked him up and he did his arching of the back that he does at night, which she says was him trying to recreate the birthing process ( which didn’t happen cos I had an emergency Caesar) WEIRD!! Anyway we left there with her saying that he was really tense and sore in his hips and head, but that he had a great release and we’ll see a great improvement in three or so days….a lifeline, a rope thrown out and I grabbed hold of it!!! Yet I was still not a quite a ‘believer’…..until that night when he slept through!!!!

Oh great so we’ve dropped two grand to come to Durbs and now the child is sleeping through! ( I know ungrateful you’re thinking)

So we flew down this morning and I thought what’s the point because since Tuesday we’ve had good night every second which I’ll take! But tonight we’re back to square one!! Been up 5 times so far with some serious arching and crying involved and I’m desperately hoping my sis will find something wrong with the ginger!! I know in my heart of hearts something is wrong. He’s not playing us, he is really in pain and even comforting him doesn’t stop the crying…… So I remain ever hopeful we’ll end this nightmare of the sleep drought that has haunted our house for 5 months now and one day finally get some sleep !

So tomorrow my sister will test Dan for food allergies and will also be able to pick up if any parts of his body are stressed. Will keep you posted. Will also be making another appointment with Joanne as I think he’ll really benefit from another session. Think tho now that I got THAT off my chest its time to try get some sleep ( it is after all 2:25am)