Week two in 200 

Ok so here’s an update in about 200 words….more because I don’t really have capacity for more J

I have worked intense hours trying to get setup but I think I’m just about there and next week can really start canvassing for business!!

Two weeks into my new business Marketing Works and here are a few thoughts.

  1. I love it!
  2. Working from home has its advantages (if you could see my dress code you’d understandJ
  3. My brain has never swum with more information overload ever!!!!
  4. I feel more accomplished and inadequate all merged into one large bundle than I have ever felt before
  5. I feel empowered
  6. I am scared absolutely beyond belief and flit between being so pumped and so scared of failure every 30 seconds
  7. I have read and upskilled myself and tingle with all the knowledge and information I have gained in the past two weeks
  8. I am more passionate about marketing than I have been in the past 5 years
  9. I am seeing my baby girl sprout before my eyes BUT the difference is I’m around to see it
  10. I baked cupcakes with my little guy for baker baker yesterday and it rocked!
  11. I’m more focused and determined than ever before
  12. I’ve lost 2kgs because I’ve been able to get to the gym and focus on me for a change
  13. I’m able to click post to this blog post and then go lie on the carpet for 20 min and play with the Kat before I go fetch the ginger
  14. This has been the best thing to ever happen to me

And……tonight I have date night hubby….for the first time in ages.


So have an awesome weekend everyone.


Baker baker

a quick visit at the ‘office’ 😉

The build – 3 weeks in

Next week we’ll put the roof on our house!! Bet you didn’t expect that comment!!! 🙂

But yip they’re started three weeks ago and are MOOOOOVING!

We have been really lucky as well because it has seemed to have rained in the evenings and we’ve had dry days.

Still a little sad that we won’t be in by Christmas, due to our crappy neighbour delaying us 6 weeks, but also know it’s probably for the best with new baby coming……Payback is a beeeaaaatch though because I heard from the estate that he’s been issued with an order to comply, for his illegal walls he put up with no plans. Apparently the inspector from the municipality was on site to check that we are complying and noticed that he has walls up. He’s a new guy so quite a rule follower and thorough and went back to the office and pulled our neighbour’s plans only to find there are no plans for the walls. So he issued him with a written notice to comply or else. You see it doesn’t pay to try bend the rules!!!

I must say this is one thing that our architect has been really good at. He really knows his stuff and has made sure that we comply the whole way….and at least we know that when we get to the end of this build we will have no problems getting our papers done and getting into our house….

I wont lie I still sometimes lie in bed thinking about those first two months and the stress that our neighbour caused us….I still can’t get over how he behaved all because we said we didn’t want to go halves on a a giant wall because of light issues. He went out of his way to threaten us , saying he’d put a stop to our build etc etc and all for a wall and the best part ON HIS HOLIDAY HOME!!! Nevermind the fact that we will always have this guy next door who we cant talk to….

I pray that one day when I have lots of money to throw at a holiday home that I don’t behave like an a-hole!!!

But on a lighter note…..we’re still looking at end of Feb finish and right now Buildwise is living up their promises and we’re on track.

I must say if you need a builder in Durban/Ballito, you need to give these guys a call. Same goes for our architect who has been a star and is always willing to take my calls….and there have been lots of them!!!

2.28 oct

28 October

3. 1 nov

1 November

4. 4 novphoto 1

4 November

5 nov photo 5

5 November

10 nov

10 November


31st May – A year

The 31st of May marked exactly one year since we packed up our lives, said goodbye to a decade of history and moved to Ballito to start our new chapter. It’s been a hard year filled with many challenges but at the same time it’s been a blessed one.

Without a doubt our move here has been a good one and for the better of our family. I love this little village and have tried to explain it to “outsiders” what makes Ballito so special but I really don’t think you “get it” until to live here. Let me try explain:

  • The weather here is superb pretty much all year! – we spent more time on the beach in June last year than we did in the previous decade! And what a way for a kid to grow up.
  • Fish eagle – the call of Africa! I wake up most mornings and hear our resident eagle shouting a “hello”
  • Still coastal…….. still small
  • Guys wear slops to evening dinner’s….There are no airs and graces. There is a LOT of money in Ballito and people that we very well off but it is not thrown in your face and talked about at every opportunity and people are just down to earth. There is no keeping up with the Jones’s. It one of the things I just dont miss at all!
  • And Community…. this is the biggie that I can’t explain I really don’t think you get to fully experience it until you live here permanently. People just stick up for you and look after you here.
  • And hand in hand with that comes the friends we have made. In a short year we have made really solid friends and people I can really count on to be there when times are tough and that says a lot for the type of place Ballito is.

Here’s a video that sums up the place I now love to call HOME.

Ok enough already

I have had probably the kakkest week yet and the month of love he only just begun.

They say it comes in threes but I’m on no 4 so what’s with that?!?

So last week Tuesday my dad had his second kidney stone op in two weeks ( the first they couldn’t do anything cos the bad kidney was in such bad shape). My dad’s 72 so it really knocked him. On Thursday morning I saw an SMS from my mom early ‘are you awake’ from the night before and thought nothing of it and headed out for a run. Got back and the phone rang with news dad had been rushed to hospital and was in ICU with a massive infection. What followed was three hectic days and my dad’s heart not responding to meds and us being told he ws in heart failure. We’ll Sunday was spent in tears burying my dad. What followed was hectic two days where he was transferred to the nets bent heart hospital, where they shocked his heart and dad was discharged the next day. Feelings are neither right nor wrong but they’re my feelings and this is my space to here goes.

One couldn’t help but feel that we were interfering in my dad’s cardiologists golf weekend and that the three extra days at Alberlito hospital were totally not necessary. But like I said it’s just my thought. Alberlito was just amazing and the urologist Dr Riaan Venter and Dr Smith the anesthetist were amazing.

No 2. We received notification that we have to get out of our rental by May. This is going to be interesting considering our house may be done only in October so how the hell we are going to find a rental for 5 myths who knows.

No 3. Got a call from school on Wednesday to say Daniel had a temp of 39.2. What’s has followed has been two hellish days of temps of 40.5 and a very uncomfortable little boy. It’s freaked me out as I’ve been worried about fits but he has gladly been alright in that regard.

And the pearler/ cherry on the top. This morning I went to have my nails done and also have a brow wax. It was the most painful wax I’ve ever had done and whilst I was having my nails done I said to the therapist is my eye swollen cos it’s still blimming sore and just her face said it all. I’m now the proud owner of a very painful roasty on my right eye just in time for two parties we will be attending this weekend.


So yah like i said , it’s been a kak week!!!, and I seriously think the shit police can move right on to someone else thanks.

Always look on the bright side of life…..

WARNING: This post is filled with dark sarcasm and woe is me language.

I’m feeling flat today….

I’m at the so close but yet so far stage with this move. Its only 19 days left and then we’re outta here and moving to Durban, our dream, what we chose to do. I should be happy right?!?! But I’m seriously taking strain and just wanna have a good cry about it all!

I’ve waxed lyrical about how this is God’s hands and how everything has fallen into place.

But today this just sucks and feeling really grotty and if another person tells me to “lift my chin up”,” look on the bright side” “it’s not long now” and “don’t worry you’ll find a job” I’m literally GOING TO PUNCH THEM!!!!

We don’t have a rental. On the 31st Of May we have NO place to put our stuff. There just seems to be a shortage all of a sudden in Ballito and my poor mother has been on the phone to thousands of rental agent (who are all bloody useless btw) with nothing, NADA! – Look on the bright side we can move in with my parents and put our stuff in storage!!

I don’t have a job yet – I potentially have an offer and even though I don’t feel the role is right for me. What would you do? Wouldn’t you take it, in a market that is slow , it is a recession after all. – Hey, Look on the bright side at least it’s a job! (Yay me now I can move into yet another job I absolutely hate, how much fun would that be). Or do sit tight and place all my faith in God as I have said I’m doing and trust that he will provide, all in the face of the fact that come July we HAVE NO MONEY and will not be able to pay bills. – Look on the bright side, we can sell our land and live in a rental and use all our savings.

A friend of ours has her little girl in hospital on oxygen and is sedated. They have been fighting a viral infection for a week and its been touch and go. My ginger is healthy (apart from a nasty chest cold) but he’s fine , I’m grateful for that.

My sister in law is about to lose her dad to the big horrible nasty C – I have my dad and he’s healthy and soon I’m going to be living (hopefully) in the same estate as him. – I’m a lucky girl.

I get to see my husband this weekend – yay no more single parenting – well at least until Monday.

So yah, I’m feeling down and I know I should be grateful because I have SOOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for. But I’m just gonna take a few moments to have a woe is me moment and maybe a little cry (later) and then I’ll get back on with it.