Holiday… Me time, spoilings and family.

What luxury! I’m sitting in the hairdresser, cup of warm tea and just two hours of bliss and quiet ahead of me!! It funny how your standards change and how amazing the little me time you get can be so amazing even if it’s sitting at a hairdresser!! 

We’re away for the week and came to visit daddy Abs’s family in East London. It’s been a year since we were home so has been really nice to be back. 

It’s an 8 hour journey so on the way down we decided to break the trip and stay over in kokstad. We stayed at Imbali guest house. It had four stars rating and was really lovely. The only problem was we were all in one room and the room we booked was still occupied so instead of kicking out the dude occupying it they put us in a small room with a mattress on the floor for the ginger. Problem was the mattress was still covered in the original plastic they bought it in. I also forgot a mattress for Kat so we had to make a makeshift mattress out of the throws over our bed. 

So it was character building and saw us eating supper takeaways on he bathroom floor while the kids slept 🙂

Long and the short of it we’ve decided to do the trip back in one go . The kids travelled really well and we will just stop for breakfast and lunch. It is after all a family holiday and it’s about the journey too. And it’s a beautiful journey. Having been born in the Eastern Cape, one can’t but sense the feeling of being ‘home’ as one drives through this distinctive and beautiful landscape. 

A holiday with us wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t have one of us sick!! We did it super well however and ALL visited the dr on our first day here. Kat was well so she just came for the ride 😉 daddy and I got antibiotics and the ginger got a course of Aspelone. Horrid stuff that! Makes him super hyper and yuk. His last day is tomorrow and I can’t say he’s much better. This flu this year is nasty stuff. My poor Kat however is now sick and there is nothing you can give a 7 month old. So I’m just trying to keep her not so congested and from going to her chest. I won’t lie I’m a little nervous after our horrid hospital experience in April!! 

Whahahahahaha. I’m just retreading the post and it really doesn’t sound like a thrilling trip so far 🙂 but it’s actually been really lovely and relaxing…. As relaxing as it can be with two children. But yah it’s been really great. As usual gunny and bugga (aka grandparents) have been awesome and spoilt us and the ginger rotten and daddy Abs and I also got to go shopping for like 3hrs just the two of us. We actually went shopping for daddy abs and I came home with loads of things for me!! And now I’m at the hairdresser getting pampered

So it been a good week and given me time to regroup and get myself up and running as next week is going to be a big week as I finally launch my new business. 


2 comments on “Holiday… Me time, spoilings and family.

  1. shan says:

    A treat as always, Lol ……., worth the wait! Ps. You guys are a hoot – love the travel selfie in the car, you chops! Loadsa love ex-#7 xxxxx

  2. […] year was not all doom and gloom and was interspersed with a few weekends away and also a trip to East London in July to see Daddy’s Abs’s […]

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