Grow me another set of hands please

You hear that? That’s silence……The silence following the battle of world war 3 which we enter nightly!!!

Holy crap I’m spent, please can someone grow me at least another 3 sets of hands!!!

So let’s catch up….

The Kat ( aka Fatso melatso) is growing like a weed. She is just gorgeous and during the day we are finding our rhythm. She is ‘talking’ beautifully and is all smiles. When she’s not sleeping she’s chilling and there have been a few moments that I’ve forgotten where I’ve put her she’s so quiet!!!

The ginger is maturing so quickly. He is just darling with some of the things coming out of his mouth. Sadly tho that’s where it ends!!! He’s dropped his sleep at school and as a result is meltdown-tired from 4pm. That is totally exacerbated by the fact that Daddy Abs only gets home by 6:30 so I’m saddled with a very grumpy ginger with whom you you have to tread very carefully and a little Kat who needs to sleep and won’t sleep unless held. Interesting!! So hence my need for another set of hands because I am finding it really hard to be in two places at once.

As a result I’m thinking of putting the Kat onto a bottle at night so Richard can feed her. I’m not stoked about this because it means I either have to put her on formula or I’m going to spend more time expressing and when I go back to work I’m going to be expressing more that actually feeding her, which is so not cool!!

In fact there is nothing cool about going to work full stop!! Still battling with it and not looking forward to it!! Not sure how I’m going to be expressing and will probably be doing it in my car due to less than ideal conditions at work!!

The house is almost complete and in fact we’re in our last week! Then fingers crossed we will be in, in two weeks!! (Haven’t packed a box yet but hey why not live on the wild side ) Looking forward to being in our new space. This house is pretty darn close to the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and I’m very excited about the move. It’s been dreadfully stressful tho and quite a real fighting point for daddy Abs and me so I won’t lie I’m looking forward to not talking building soon.

Got back to the gym this week and in fact went for my first run in 5 months on Sunday. Can’t walk today but the lactic acid in my legs is a good sore. I’m surprisingly not as unfit as I expected and I suppose running with my 7month belly obviously kept me fitter than I thought. Still have a long road ahead and would ideally like to lose 10kgs this year. One step at a time though.

So hectic times and still trying to find our mojo but we’re getting there and exiting times ahead….. We keep focussing on that!!


One comment on “Grow me another set of hands please

  1. jenty says:

    Glad you’re running again!

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