7 weeks and all the change


It’s been 7 weeks since our little girl entered this world and turned the little semblance of normality we had upside down. I remember my sister saying to me many years ago, motherhood is the greatest leveler and with round 2 it is no different.
She is different to Daniel so in many respects we’ve had to re-learn stuff her way.

Kat has been a DREAM compared to the ginger. She has really been easy which I needed because the past few weeks health wise haven’t been. At the beginning of last week I had my 6 week check up at the gynae only to walk out with my 3rd script for antibiotics because my scar is inflamed and January isn’t even over!!! So I’ve really battled health wise and the healing from this Caesar has been challenging. Then to further exacerbate things I ended back at gynae the next day because scar stared bleeding profusely. Only to be told it’s just fluid ( yes lady blood is fluid) and then she proceeded to lance the bleeding spot again further opening it up to stick earbud shaped swabs into it to clean it out and send me on my merry way. So needless to say I was little tearful about it when i got home and needed a glass of wine!!

Three weeks ago Kat woke up and we entered the world of Colic altho I got told because she doesn’t scream for hours on end it’s not colic…. So call it what YOU want, it’s that not-being-able-to-settle-baby-for-hours-at-bedtime thing. So at this present moment I’m walking on our patio while the much needed rain falls outside and Kat is in a sling moulded to my body. This is tonight’s ‘new try’ as each night we aim to conquer her terrible colic and hopefully eat supper before 9!
It’s a new one for us in that we never battled to get the ginger down. It was keeping him down that was the problem. And as all parents have said. Your kids are always totally different and our situation is no different. This is all new for us. Once she’s down however she’ll pull a 6 hr stint. It’s the getting her down!!

Along with usual finding our feet comes the things you forget about from first time round… Some of which has had me giggling mostly in the early hours of the morning.

It’s the shoveling biscuits down in the passage with your antibiotics or painkillers before going into the nursery to feed.
It’s Sitting in the rocking chair while she niggles only to wake up an hour an a half later, still in the rocking chair!
It’s the massive thirst after feeding finding you drinking 500ml juice (straight out the carton) at 2am before returning to bed.
It’s the changing of bums which requires three nappies because every time you put a clean on one she poos again!!!


And in the 7 weeks there’s been lots of change not only with the Kat who is changing everyday but with the Ginger who started big school two weeks ago. Although it’s Gr000 it’s big school because when he goes to Gr R he’ll just go to a new class at the same school so there won’t be another first day of big school for me.
He also stayed over at his ‘girlfriend ‘ Lilly’s house last week and didn’t even wake or ask for me.

And with the Kat the change is daily. Last week saw me packing newborn stuff away… It’s all going too fast!!
I find myself smelling her clothes and holding her just a little bit longer when she’s sleeping. Last week I tried her on an expressed bottle. She like her brother clearly has no issue where it comes from or from what vessel!! And crazily so I was sad because it’s just another milestone, another change.

So although it’s pretty darn tough I won’t wish it away. I won’t because when the niggling and days where I hold her all day are over so will be my time with her and my heart absolutely breaks at the thought that I will have to go back to work in 7 weeks, she only be 3 months old!!

But Rich and I have already stretched beyond our means for me to take these precious months that we can’t stretch any further… A friend said to me no matter what age they are when you go back to work it hurts, a hurt you can’t describe…But it makes me sick that she won’t even been a little person in her own right and I’ll be back sitting at a desk wishing for nothing else but to have my baby in my arms.

So in all the sleeplessness and haze of colic, new schools, sleep overs without me, I truly treasure what I have and the moments I have with these little people because they’re growing up fast!!


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