The toddler newborn dance


The Kat and I came home a day early and everyone said I was bloody crazy. But I wasn’t using the nurses to be honest and missed my boys desperately and also the comforts of home. Yes they don’t bring you tea at 4:30am at home but I was sure I wouldn’t miss it.

So we got home and the toddler-newborn dance began.

Except ours was an interesting version as the ginger woke from his lunchtime nap with full blown conjunctivitis in both eyes….. So proceeded the next two days with daddy washing everything in sight and also us keeping the ginger away from his new sister. Not ideal when you’re trying to integrate a newborn and hoping its sibling will like it!!!

The following two weeks were a dance of Christmas festivities and along with it, lack of routine, too many treats, no school and as a result a ginger who walked all over us. There was much smacking, lots of tears and achieving nothing. I won’t lie I felt pretty inadequate as a parent and mother!!!

On top of that was a really slow recovery exacerbated by a double infection of my scar and two rounds of antibiotics. Leaving me feeling very frustrated and sorry for myself for a good 3 weeks, which isn’t very long at all but for someone who is as independent and not reliant on people I found it incredibly challenging to say the least!!

But things went back to normal in the new year and we’re slowly finding our feet. There is still more change to come next week as the ginger starts a new school so I a haven’t been too perturbed about getting it all right as things will no doubt change again.

The most challenging for me has been the 5-7pm time just before bath and largely due to the fact that I do it alone. Daddy Abs is not home before then so it’s been a new dance I’ve had to learn. Daniel is not bad and he is very accepting of me having to feed his sister or do something with her. The trick is not juggling two it’s getting him into the bath on time so we can get him down as he is playing us big time. Coming out of his room 40 times, is thirsty, hungry, wants to make a poo, you know the usual. Kat is also not easy to settle and is not going down easily in the evenings…. So it’s become very much a divide and conquer dance between daddy and and I with us passing Kat around as we tend to the ginger…. A dance we’ve yet to master.

And then the absolute worst is that the ginger has also regressed in all things toilet wise. We are back to wet undies and poos too!! That’s a whole another story. I was warned it would happen and really battle to get my head around the fact that my son who has been potty trained for over a year and a half is back to this!!!

But in all of this there’s a saying…. This too shall pass. And soon we shall all know the steps to our new dance.


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