On Caesars….. Looking back

It was funny I loved my pregnancy even tho I was sore for a large part of it. I loved the comments from people I just loved growing a human and saw it as a very big blessing and privilege.

If you read my last few post however I was very hormonal and upset about the change that was coming and I was very upset about the Caesar.

One thing I did not love was the comments about how frikking awesome a Caesar is!?! And i swear I nearly klapped a women a few days before who told me it was

So I did a lot of crying beforehand and also tried Rasperry leaf tea ( be careful if you’re not a tea drinker… I’m not, it keeps you awake and the Tannins can ask make you constipated) I did reflexology which was awesome but it did squat and I tried Caulophyllum which did freak me out a bit because there is lots of bad stuff on the internet about it and only caused a few pains in my lower abdomen. Proving that herbal and alternative only work if your body is ready. I had to do it for my own peace of mind knowing when I went into theatre I had tried everything.

Now I’m on the other side and here are my thoughts….

It’s sucks because it’s clinical. You really are reporting for surgery… The only difference is the outcome is far more favorable than something like a knee replacement or a new set of boobs 🙂

It’s flipping sore and there is no glamour. Having it so planned doesn’t mean you put make up on or make your hair any prettier on the day

Second time round seems to take forever and it felt like it was being cut up and sewn back together for an eternity.

Did I mention it’s sore?? I’m almost two weeks post and I’m still sore. I wasn’t this sore with Daniel and I also remember being able to control my pain far better.

Oh and I also don’t remember the excruciating pain from all the air my abdomen that ends up under your collar bone and in your chest. You try breathe that out!

So yah everything I feared has happened and I have really not bounced back from this Caesar at all. I also hate it because I’m so reliant on people and also I hate this feeling so crap all the time. I really hope I start to bounce back soon.

Emotionally I’m fine …..far better than I was with Daniels Caesar. Probably because what’s done is done and I’m now also done with my kids so I don’t have to go thru the anxiety of getting an opportunity to go natural.

But I still don’t get how people can say a Caesar is better than natural….maybe I’m not entitled to compare but I still think Id take my 14hrs of natural over the planned Caesar any day…..


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