The baby is a comin and the ginger doesn’t like it!!

We’ve had a helluva few weeks with the ginger. It’s quite funny because on the surface he is super cute and attentive. It’s like it is the movies with him kissing my tummy and he even parts with his dudu for short periods to drape it across my belly….

But then deep down he is pissed and scared and who else knows what about this other thing in my tummy that is gonna soon turn his life upside down.

I was warned… But I warned that it happens AFTER baby 2 arrives so what the hell?!? I do think maybe I have a double trouble case as it seem Laura from harassed mom’s little one who is a similar age is also going thru a patch... Yay me

Firstly we have the perfectly sweet child turn demon/devil child possessed on us. He I shouting and kicking and really throwing his weight around.

Then we’ve had the weeing on the carpet!!! What?!? Yip my 3 year old son who had been potty trained for over a year is deliberately peeing on the carpet and going : oops I made a mistake!?!! Really??? a mistake??? And I’m not supposed to react….

And then the exhausting negotiations…. Seriously I’m 34 and negotiating with a 3 year old!!! And doing it because it’s soooooo much easier than fighting the good fight on everything!!!!

And I can’t even heed Laura’s advice and drink wine because I’m 37weeks pregnant!!!!

So we’ve been living this hell for 3 weeks now and have had one or two days grace… It has seemed to get better tho after I lay in bed with him the other night and whilst tickling his back I said to him: You know my boebie, even when this baby comes I will still make you supper and fetch you from school and take you to school and play with you. So don’t worry that you won’t be my special anymore because you always will be….
He seemed to get that and when I got up to leave he said to me: I just wanna have you and wrapped him arms around me tightly and held on as if his life depended on it.

How can ones heart not melt at that…

But roll on the next phase… Cos this one is challenging and even more so heavily pregnant.


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