The build – 3 weeks in

Next week we’ll put the roof on our house!! Bet you didn’t expect that comment!!! 🙂

But yip they’re started three weeks ago and are MOOOOOVING!

We have been really lucky as well because it has seemed to have rained in the evenings and we’ve had dry days.

Still a little sad that we won’t be in by Christmas, due to our crappy neighbour delaying us 6 weeks, but also know it’s probably for the best with new baby coming……Payback is a beeeaaaatch though because I heard from the estate that he’s been issued with an order to comply, for his illegal walls he put up with no plans. Apparently the inspector from the municipality was on site to check that we are complying and noticed that he has walls up. He’s a new guy so quite a rule follower and thorough and went back to the office and pulled our neighbour’s plans only to find there are no plans for the walls. So he issued him with a written notice to comply or else. You see it doesn’t pay to try bend the rules!!!

I must say this is one thing that our architect has been really good at. He really knows his stuff and has made sure that we comply the whole way….and at least we know that when we get to the end of this build we will have no problems getting our papers done and getting into our house….

I wont lie I still sometimes lie in bed thinking about those first two months and the stress that our neighbour caused us….I still can’t get over how he behaved all because we said we didn’t want to go halves on a a giant wall because of light issues. He went out of his way to threaten us , saying he’d put a stop to our build etc etc and all for a wall and the best part ON HIS HOLIDAY HOME!!! Nevermind the fact that we will always have this guy next door who we cant talk to….

I pray that one day when I have lots of money to throw at a holiday home that I don’t behave like an a-hole!!!

But on a lighter note…..we’re still looking at end of Feb finish and right now Buildwise is living up their promises and we’re on track.

I must say if you need a builder in Durban/Ballito, you need to give these guys a call. Same goes for our architect who has been a star and is always willing to take my calls….and there have been lots of them!!!

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28 October

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1 November

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4 November

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5 November

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10 November



2 comments on “The build – 3 weeks in

  1. jenty says:

    Jeez they are seriously motoring!
    Well done to the inspector, hope the dude does something about that wall now!
    Crappy neighbours are awful… but you mentioned it was his holiday home so hopefully he’s not there all that often

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