The ginger update

school pic

Today was the Ginger’s Orientation day at school. Still can’t get my head about the fact that he’s going to Grade 000 next year. He is an incredibly sweet boy but man alive has this kid got a strong will and personality. And I’m sure you’re all saying yes yes so does every 3 year old. But I’m willing to put the ginger up against your 3 year old ANY day and he’d win hands down. It’s something about the red hair that makes him fiery and that combined with his momma’s personality , you have one helluva combo.

He is still totally in love with his Lil’s and they really are good friends. Today they took hands and walked into school together….was a complete melt your heart moment.

He is a bit of a penguin and only has eyes for his lilly. I do worry about it a little because I wonder what will happen if Lilly is sick for a week from school or they have a fall out later on in life…..but how do you teach a 3 years old to no put all his eggs in one basket?????

Dress up day last week at school…look at how he looks at her

About three weeks ago Daddy Abs insisted on the chewed dummy being thrown away (and this one was really chewed) The aim was not to get rid of the dummy (that would be stupid with all the change about to happen) it was to get rid of the horrid one and he had a choice of two brand new dummies. I’m no phased about the dummy because Daniel only has it at night for his sleep and 9/10 when I go in to say goodnight to him the dummy is not in his mouth…. Anyway he proudly threw it in the dustbin that morning and when he got home he was fine. He refused point blank to take the new one and so I thought: “OK” he’s clearly fine about it…..WRONG!!! Holy mother of mother’s…we proceeded to have 2 of the kakkest nights and my heart completely broke for this little guy. Cut a long story short , he eventually took one of the dummies and told Lilly at school that the fairy had brought it back and that he was happy because he was really sad without it…..

Just shows you they’ll do it when they’re ready.

He’s been going through some growth spurts and last night ate: A Chicken Thigh, Butternut, Half a small potato, half and apple, some watermelon and then asked for scrambled egg!!!
And then before bed ate another apple and some peanuts and raisins!!!!

Summer is finally here and we had our first swim in the pool on Saturday. Not having swum for about 6 months he was a little cautious in the water. Yesterday we had another quick swim and all that cautiousness is gone. He swam about 2m turned around and swam back to the first step. So chuffed he loves the water and also really chuffed that he is getting more and more water safe and loves the pool …is going to help tremendously when baby is here.

Oh man this kids loves all things small. I dunno what it is but if it’s small or prestik he has to hold it in his hand. And he goes to bed with the stuff and will wake up and sure as nuts he will be holding it his hand.

Gotta love this man and his little quirks…..

He’s very attentive and interested in the baby “sista” that’s coming. Heaven help us if it’s a boy!! This morning he felt it kick properly for the first time and his eyes grew wide and he was like “Mommy did you feel that! The baby just kicked you!!!”
Its funny though because on the outside he seems to be fine about all of this but for the past two days he has peed in his pants. Now I got told they regress when baby arrives but we’re 6 weeks away from that. We have moved all the baby stuff into the room and maybe that’s what’s bugging him….well let’s hope he gets it out of his system.

On a complete aside I read this , this morning and it has really stuck with me.  I’m guilty as charged! And also feeling as yuck as I have lately I also find I’ve been a little grumpy with the Ginger and you know what, I’m actually not bloody entitled to be. He was our choice to have and he’s little for such a short time. So I’m taking this as another gentle reminder to focus on him and actually be chuffed when he just wanna sit with me and cuddle.


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