You can’t take that away from me

It’s a frikkin privilege to be a mom!!
I had the best day with my ginger. Daddy Abs is away on business and I needed to get us out the house following a really bad night with the neighbour who played his music so loudly my windows vibrated till midnight. The police were called which put a stop to his shenanigans but it was pleasant and I didn’t want to be there today…. Any who…

So we headed to gateway shopping theatre and went to funtubbles. What a score, realised the two cards I had had a couple of R’s on them and so we hit the rides. We were there several months and this time was just so different and so grown up!!! . Daniel is sooooo my child. Unlike his daddy who gets motion sickness sitting in the back of a car!! So we hit the big rides this time and had such an amazing time. It was a good thing we went as the rides I was allowed on would not have been ok next month as most of the belts and bars sat snuggly on the Ablet belly. I am after all 7mths already!!



After the rides we hit ‘old macdonalds farm’ aka macdonalds for lunch. Then a trip to gateway would not be complete without riding “spirit”

So lots of fun was had and needless to say the ginger was lights out before we even got onto the freeway!

Got home to more loud music from the neighbour but he eventually stopped so managed to get some kip before packing up to come stay with my mom tonight (yes I’m a woes and quite frankly need sleep and not in the mood to fight upstairs again tonight)

Unfortunately had to work again tonight but the ginger stayed with mom. She misses him you know. Used to spend a lot of time with him before dad’s stroke….

I was back by 7:15pm and tucking my little guy into bed. He turns to me, takes my cheek in his hands and say: you know mom I really love you.

Afterall the kak I’ve been through this week, year….You can’t take that away from me. I get to be this special little boys mom!! How’s that for wicked!!


3 comments on “You can’t take that away from me

  1. shan says:

    Being a Mom rocks! – I’m SO with you on that on GF xxx

  2. Jenty says:

    He’s such an awesome kid 🙂 glad you had some fun one-on-one time with him

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