Its been so long since I wrote I’m not sure where to begin.

It’s been a frikking awful month, let me just get that out there! Now that being said, we are however on the other side….well almost and things seems to be looking up in parts.

The Build:

20140819-202952-73792002.jpgThis will come as NO surprise to anyone that has built a house but its been a nightmare! The best part is we haven’t even started the foundations. All this kak  has been around retaining walls and neighbours and well plain and simple, just too many cooks in the kitchen!! Doesn’t help working a full day, being pregnant ,having a household to run and the saga with my dad.

But as I said things seems to be looking up and so far we’ve had two good days with things kind of falling into place and it looks like the walls will be done by Thursday and that we can start cutting foundations

Lessons learnt:

  • Don’t get too many people involved – too many cooks spoil the broth
  • Go with your gut
  • Don’t involved friends as service providers  – even if you are paying them, you still somehow lose power and cant make decisions without the complication of hurting feelings or not being able to say what you really feel.

Midlands weekend:

20140819-205306-75186484.jpgIt wasn’t all doom and gloom. We did have a weekend away booked. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Rich and I at that stage were at our wits end with the build and very stressed about a whole host of things.

We went to the Midlands saddle and trout and what a lovely place. We really relaxed in the short time we were there and got to spend some quality time as a family….something that hadn’t happened since Dad’s stroke.


It’s not good. Dad spent two weeks in Entabeni Rehab facility and really battled. It’s a great facility in terms of therapy but its a still a hospital and so we prayed about it and then things kind of fell into place for us to bring him home. It’s flipping hard tho. Although we have a full time carer to assist mom, it’s a full time job for her and mom is taking serious strain,as are we all. People that dont see dad for a few weeks notice a huge recovery. We on the other hand not so much. We also received some news after seeing the neurologist that Dad’s scans show that his carotid artery that is feeding the good side of hte brain is totally calcified and the one feeding the damaged brain is not so good either. There is nothing that can be done and so we now are in the hands of God and leaving it up to faith. There is nothing else that one can do but pray and hope for a miracle.

On a positive note Dad is able to stand up and “Walk” assisted – by kicked up the paralysed leg and then stepping on it. There are also good days where he will say a full sentence. For example he said to me clearly on Sunday: “how – do – you-do- it” referring to the loom band craze of my nieces …he was asking how you make the looms band bracelets.  But mostly its still monolgues and there is very definitely major damage.

It hard because one can’t help but wish to turn the clock back. I wish I had played the guitar more with him. I wish i’d sung that extra song. I wish I’d had this baby sooner so that he would have known it. It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach with regret and its so sad that it takes something so tragic to make you appreciate life and what you have…had

But we continue to pray for a miracle and who knows Dad may just talk again and oh how I long for a conversation with my father!

The Ginger:




Daniel continues to be the most amazing source of joy in our lives. He is growing into the most amazing kid. Maybe my love is also blossoming because he has clearly been going through a growth spurt and as a result is eating us out of house and home and then been sleeping in till 6:30am for the past three mornings!!! I am also treasuring the one on one time I have with him and spending as much time as I can with him in the afternoons before bed. This involves a lot of lying on the couch but I really am treasuring these moments before baby 2 arrives

The Ablet:





The belly continues to grow and can you believe I’m 22 weeks already! Its been a very stressful pregnancy with the situation with my dad and baby is a very quiet one. So I was most relieved to go for a high foetal scan at 20 weeks and Dr Borat was lovely and assured me that everything is as it should be. He also confirmed that my placenta is anterior which is why I dont feel many kicks from the little one.

I was however very blessed that Rich got to feel the Ablet kick for the second time last night. (first time was 7 weeks ago!) Its a very special moment even the second time.

And that’s life in a nutshell blog post.

Coming up is a weekend away with our church. We missed it last year as we had just joined CCNC. Really looking forward to it and spending time making new friends.

Then in two weekends time we are celebrating the gingers 3rd birthday. It’s cowboy party and the only two requests were a toy story cake and jumping castle. No guess what he’s getting then 🙂

So a busy few weekends ahead


2 comments on “Reality

  1. Jeanette says:

    You’re looking lovely!! And the photos of Daniel made me smile
    Hectic re your dad 😦 I’ve been wondering how he’s been doing. I think he’s doing amazingly well re the walking!! Hope he managed to talk properly soon.

  2. laurakim says:

    WOW you are already over half way 🙂 your little man is gorgeous!

    Good luck with the building – you will be super glad when its over!

    (hugs) about your dad xx

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