Coming Home

On the way to the hospital when we got the terrible news of my dad all I could pray was: “Please God spare my dad , just let him live and let him come home” and tomorrow my prayer will be answered!

My dad is coming home. He has been given the all clear from the Physician Dr Ramdass (who by the way if you need a Physician at Ethekwini Heart Hospital, then this is your man. His bedside manner is amazing and he has been approachable and just present at a time when we needed it most). If you’re looking for a Neuro I can tell you who NOT to touch! Unless of course you want to be told you’re dying and there is no chance for survival!!!

My work colleague’s mom , who runs an old age home, has been an absolute Godsend with advice and helping mom get ready for dad’s return. We have hospital beds, wheelchairs , table and carers all on standby and will go and fetch dad tomorrow.

The road is still long but you know what right now…today… if feels like we’ll conquer anything!

I still believe in my dad and believe that he will make a full recovery. His speech is improving day by day and every day he gets stronger.

More than that we cant ask for!

Its so good to say MY DAD IS COMING HOME!


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