The rollercoster returns!

So my dad had a stroke on Monday night!

And just like that we’ve be plunged back into the world of hospitals visiting hours and tears!

It was a minor stroke and we are lucky that there is no major paralysis in the body or face. He is weak on the right hand side and is having speech therapy to regain his vocab.

To the untrained eye you would not know that it has happened but after a few minutes you pick up he is talking a little bit of rubbish and when he cant find a word he goes: “um  um um, you know its just the way it is”

Mom, the superhero, is holding up like a champ as she always does. Although she took him to Alberlito (our closest hospital ) she had the presence of mind to get him transferred to our Knight in shining armour Hospital, The Ethekwini Heart Hospital. Once again the level of care that Dad has received has been amazing. Dr Khan the Neurologist has been great as well and we yet again feel it is the best place for him to be , albeit a terrible drive to go see Dad.

We’re all holding up fine but occasionally tears of frustration do catch me. I wonder when my darling father will wake up and smell the coffee and realise that there is more to life at the ripe old age of 73 than driving into the city every day to work,  and that he has a family that adores him and a wife who would like to spend some quality years with him. I selfishly fear that he wont get to see his grandchildren grow up and that we wont have our house built in time for him to be able to pop over when he want to watch a game with Rich or have some tea, just because he can.

But we don’t dwell on the negative and instead we pray that he’ll make a speedy recovery and most of all in the time he has before he’s fully recovered that somewhere in all of this he realises there’s more to life…..



2 comments on “The rollercoster returns!

  1. jenty says:

    OMW Lauren! That’s so worrying!!
    Hope your dad recovers properly soon

  2. […] the 16th June my father had a TIA ( small stroke) he seemed do to be fine and on the 23rd my mom arrived to fetch him to find his […]

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