Its been a bit of a Statue month

There’s been so much going on this last month I’m not sure where to begin nor which topic to tackle first.
So best I just write and I apologise in advance for the hodge podge of information that shall now be spewed forth.

So we’ve moved house… Again…. A mere 11 since relocating from Johannesburg to our new home Ballito. I don’t care how you do it, it’s not fun and it’s even harder when there is a little person involved. Thank heavens for our friends Marius and Kerry who took the ginger to the animal farm for a couple of hours. This allowed us to just get beds made and a little semblance of a house put together before he came home. We used a lovely removal service and will definitely use her again. But moving still sucks and my 11th move in the past decade was no different from any of the others.

There was the usual teething issues with having to get keys cut and of course the one that never ceases to amaze me, the replacement of bulbs!! Who lives with no lights? The pearler for me has got to be the main bedroom which didn’t have a single light in it and still doesnt….we’re getting there!!

But a week down the line the strife seems to be coming to an end.

The past month has been really hard and has come with a lots of kak. And daddy Abs and I are feeling really a bit beaten and a little like the statue at the moment ( you know the one that all the birds sh1t on!!)

To start with it was the Bi polar psychotic chick who was high on drugs when she reversed into me. Who then accused my husband of stalking her on FB.  It went like this: ” I told you I will pay you at the end of the month. Please I beg you stop harassing me. I do not have money. Why don’t you give me a break. What do you want blood. My God, I am unemployed. I had a medical bill. Don’t you have any feelings. Why is your husband harrrasing me 😦 please tell him to stop. I will pay I swear. Just stop stalking me please.”

All cos I kindly agreed earlier that day (a convo she’d forgotten) to let her pay to fix my car over 3 months and when I asked her if she’s paid she wrote this. Whahahaha so I’ve laughed that off as she’s not stable and following everything going on I don’t have the energy.

Strike two was when the body corporate in our old place turned off the electricity in our garage, as they were moving onto a metered system and informed the owners who didn’t respond so they just turned it off. Problem was we had R900 worth of food in our freezer that was destroyed!

Strike 3. We were given notice on our place and kindly accommodated the owners and found a place earlier than the expiry of our lease. We asked for permission to leave early and were granted it. Then when we asked for reimbursement for the days as we left prior to the end of the month, we were not so politely told to go get fried!!

Strike 4:Then on night two in our new place the neighbour above us played his music so loud the windows were vibrating. At
10:15pm we approached him. He was abusive and threaten myself and my husband. He then proceeded to play music just as loud and periodically he and his friends stood and jumped on the floor above our bedroom. Mature I know!

Strike 5. You know what? actually I’m going to stop there! There is a strike 5,6,7  but it really is exhausting writing about it and actually no one really cares!!!

It’s not all bad. There’s some really good stuff happening.

  • Today we meeting with another guy who is hopefully going to cost the build for us. And hopefully we’ll be getting our approved plans back from municipality soon.
  • We are finally in our house and the neighbour above is moving out at the end of the month. I new place is really lovely and will be nice home for us until our build is done.
  • Work is good for me and I’m busy and finally doing proper marketing which I’m loving.
  • The public holidays are finally over ( I know I’m happy about that, crazy right?) but I’m glad they’re done cos it’s been really disruptive and looking forward to getting back into a routine, especially for the gingers sake.
  • And lastly I made my mark today for our country. I’m proud about that and I really hope that I was able to make a difference.

So its not all bad and hopefully the pigeons will disperse and the sh!tting on the Abdo Statue will abate for a bit 🙂


One comment on “Its been a bit of a Statue month

  1. Jeanette says:

    Woohoo!! Glad that looney neighbour is moving out! Hopefully you get someone nice this time!

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