How not to spend a weekend

We were planning a trip to JHB for two birthday parties and seeing as they were on the same weekend we thought it would be ideal to go back to our old home and see some friends.

We ummed and aahhhed about whether it was a good idea but figured that 1. The ginger probably has something viral and would turn the corner 2. We lived in Johannesburg for 9 years and had a good network for medical practitioners should the need arise.

It arose!!

It was a nice weekend in that we got to see most of our friends but it was super shit in that we didn’t sleep a wink and poor Daniel spiked and continues to spike temperatures as we are driving home. He now has an awful cold poor little guy. We also ended up at fourways life on sat morning when Daniel spiked yet another 40.5 (4th day running). No one seems to be concerned that we cannot seem to keep his temp down unless he’s medicated?!? Fortunately have an ENT appointment for a checkup and hope that he’ ll be able to help .

But yip been a challenging weekend and daddy Abs and I are kinda running on empty.

On a more positive not tho this was the first time I could sit in the back seat of the car with the ginger and not had to put my feet in the ground! It amazing how quickly things change. In October when we went away for the weekend it look liked we were packing for a week but this time there we’re no magpies, one bottle and no camp cot and I managed to pack all Daniel’s stuff in one small tog bag 🙂


Also I love road trips as I get to dabble in all thing junk food. As result I feel horrid but still enjoyed every morsel of my tempo chocolate, solero ice lolly, macdonalds breakfast and steers burger. No prizes for guessing who is back on diet tomorrow.


How was your weekend? Is it me or does it seem like everyone is having a rough February? Me thinks maybe it’s time for a tweede nuwe jaar party (second new year)


3 comments on “How not to spend a weekend

  1. Jeanette says:

    Holy moly!! That’s a high temp!
    Hope the ENT can help this week.
    Sorry we didn’t get to see you, we had a weekend of hellish proportion… but we’re coming to Ballito in April and would love to see you then

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