Ok enough already

I have had probably the kakkest week yet and the month of love he only just begun.

They say it comes in threes but I’m on no 4 so what’s with that?!?

So last week Tuesday my dad had his second kidney stone op in two weeks ( the first they couldn’t do anything cos the bad kidney was in such bad shape). My dad’s 72 so it really knocked him. On Thursday morning I saw an SMS from my mom early ‘are you awake’ from the night before and thought nothing of it and headed out for a run. Got back and the phone rang with news dad had been rushed to hospital and was in ICU with a massive infection. What followed was three hectic days and my dad’s heart not responding to meds and us being told he ws in heart failure. We’ll Sunday was spent in tears burying my dad. What followed was hectic two days where he was transferred to the nets bent heart hospital, where they shocked his heart and dad was discharged the next day. Feelings are neither right nor wrong but they’re my feelings and this is my space to here goes.

One couldn’t help but feel that we were interfering in my dad’s cardiologists golf weekend and that the three extra days at Alberlito hospital were totally not necessary. But like I said it’s just my thought. Alberlito was just amazing and the urologist Dr Riaan Venter and Dr Smith the anesthetist were amazing.

No 2. We received notification that we have to get out of our rental by May. This is going to be interesting considering our house may be done only in October so how the hell we are going to find a rental for 5 myths who knows.

No 3. Got a call from school on Wednesday to say Daniel had a temp of 39.2. What’s has followed has been two hellish days of temps of 40.5 and a very uncomfortable little boy. It’s freaked me out as I’ve been worried about fits but he has gladly been alright in that regard.

And the pearler/ cherry on the top. This morning I went to have my nails done and also have a brow wax. It was the most painful wax I’ve ever had done and whilst I was having my nails done I said to the therapist is my eye swollen cos it’s still blimming sore and just her face said it all. I’m now the proud owner of a very painful roasty on my right eye just in time for two parties we will be attending this weekend.


So yah like i said , it’s been a kak week!!!, and I seriously think the shit police can move right on to someone else thanks.


4 comments on “Ok enough already

  1. Jeanette says:

    OMW how frightening about your dad! Hope he’s ok, or rather better now.
    Good luck finding another rental, that’s awful luck 😦

  2. Marilyn says:

    Hi, I read your story and feel very sad. I’m new to BAllito and I to must see a cardiologist. Do you know of one that we can trust. I would so appreciate tour input.
    Kind Regards,

  3. […] to that tho we’d been pulled thru the ringer as a family as my dad had a kidney stone op and ended up with septicemia and nearly died! Basically they told […]

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