#100happydays – Days 1-10

I’ve taken on the #100happydays challenge. The deal is you take the challenge to post a picture of something that makes you happy every day.

Here are my first 10 days:


My constant reminder to take time and smell the roses or simply just play with an umbrella 1/100




These two complete me! 2/100


These are a few of my favourite things.3/100


Hello right back atcha! My new baby. So thrilled 4/100d


Even tho it got crushed it’s still awesome!! Back on diet tomorrow 😉 5/100


New nails. Nothing like some pampering to make you smile. The colour passion 🙂 6/100.


What a lucky girl… My office! 7/100.


I love how this little guy starts a story: ‘one a time’ puts a smile on my dial every time! 8/100


Cloudy skies and RAIN! I couldn’t be happier to get some relief from this heat!! 9/100


Music – its makes me happy. Nothing like a good tune to wipe away a bad day 10/100


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