5yr Anniversary

5 years ago I married my true best friend. Cheesy I know but it’s true!
No it hasn’t always been a walk in the park and no I’d be lying if I said : never a cross word has been spoken.
When I look back however on the past 5 years together, I truly can say though that through thick and thin I have married the one person who has always got my back and with who I truly couldn’t live without!

The ginger has recently gotten his paws on our wedding DVD. And loves watching it because he knows all the characters! 🙂


It’s quite a mind trip watching your son watch a day in your life where he was just a twinkle in his mommy’s eyes. It also been really nice to catch snippets of the day. On the video the videographer asks me what I love about Rich and answered: ‘He has the most beautiful eyes and the kindest heart.’

And that’s still true today. 5 years down…and what a journey it has been. Here’s to the next 10 times 5!!!


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