Christmas catch up

I know the title is Christmas catch up and its already the middle of Jan….don’t judge me its been a hectic start to the year!!!

We had a lovely few days with Rich’s parents. They came on the 22nd and left on the 30th December.
The house was pushed to its limits, reminding us just how tiny our rental is (roll on the house build!!!)

On Christmas day we all went our separate ways to church and then came home and opened pressies.
Daniel of course was spoilt stupid! It was funny to watch though ,that out of all his pressies, he loved the cheapest one…. giant jumbo thick chalks Judy my mother in law bought him.

IMG_9712  Daniel Chalk board Christmas 2013IMG_3082IMG_3118


I unfortunately had to work till the 24th so didn’t get to spend too much time with the family but it was still good to see them.

Daniel true to form when we have guests was a nightmare, so we spent the days scrambling to keep him quiet while family tried to sleep…..not easy ….not fun.

On the 30th though our house turned empty and we had a few days just the three of us, before heading back to work.
We tried to catch up on sleep as best we could and just spent as much time with Daniel as possible. Man alive that child is full on at the moment. He goes from the minute he opens his eyes till the moment falls asleep.

But it was a good time just the three of us…..and just as we started to relax it was sadly back to work. What with that….it always happens like that , just as you start to relax….ding dong….work bell rings!!!

The year has started full pace and we back into the swing of things, eagerly looking at weekends we can get away and chill… this space


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