2013 A summary


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Wow where has this year gone I thought to myself as I settled down to write this. Then I went through my posts and all of the sudden it wasn’t “Where has the year gone” but FLIPPING HELL ITS BEEN A BIG YEAR!!!!

If you don’t have time here’s the shorts version: Moved cities, moved house, unpacked rental house, bought land, New job, Daniel turned two. I’m exhausted!!!!!!!

If you have a little time here it is in a slightly longer version….

So over Christmas last year we seriously contemplated moving back to the coast. It was always in our bigger plan, but something we had always hoped to do in our 40’s. All of a sudden we found ourselves asking, WHY? Why only in our 40’s why not now? Then it all happened. Rich found a job in two weeks, we sold our house in 7 days and the reality hit. We were moving back to Durban.

What followed was a hectic time for the family. Even though we had a relatively smooth ride it still took its toll on the family and there was quite a large deal of stress placed on my shoulders…but I survived, us women are made of tough stuff  🙂

In February I headed down for the weekend to Durbs to chat to a couple of people regarding jobs and also for a few interviews. We also got to walk on our new land that we had recently bought and start the dream of the house we will build in 2014.


Moving cities is no joke and it came with lots of roller-coaster material. There are quite a few rambling about my time over these months which you can read here.

April proved to be the hardest month as Rich left us and headed down in his packed-to-the-brim car to start his new job in Durbs.


Empty cupboards I came home to….was horrid 😦


This meant six weeks of single parenting and Daniel battled a bit. What’s with kids that the minute they are going through something they DON’T SLEEP! Daniel did a bit of this.

April was also the month of Easter and this saw us getting a visit from Rich’s folks. It was lovely to spend a few quality days with them.


May was moving month and came with much stress, box packing and bittersweet goodbyes. We had a lovely photoshoot with our friends as well which rounded off the month well.


It again came with its stresses though as up until 10 days before we were due to leave we didn’t know if we had a place to live. But mom eventually found us a lovely place to live and things fell into place. In between that was a rushed and unplanned trip to Durbs again for a long weekend as I had finally gotten a bite on my CV. I interviewed with a company that looked set to offer me and then it went completely cold. Looking back tho it’s funny how things work because it would’ve been the worst thing ever ….more about that later.

31st May the trucks arrived and carted our belongings to Durban. We stayed with friends the night before and in the early hours of the morning of the 1st June we bid the city of smoke farewell.


Last JHB sunset

5th June was a sad day for our family, as my sister’s Dad passed away. Sal and Mally have been family friends for many years, even before Morne and Kels met. So we too felt as though we’d lost not only a friend but a family member too.


July was an eventful month….

I finally had another interview for a position very close to home.  This after a few months of stressing. And 10 days later I was finally given the call to say I had the Job as the new marketing manager at the Umhlali Country Club.

I had a serious scare in the middle of July. After eating a piece of Dorado at a restaurant I ended up in hospital with a serious allergic reaction. Apparently Dorado is incredible dangerous to eat from the amount of histamines that are produced if the fish are not properly chilled from the time of capture to processing and consumption.

This raised some serious concerns about my health as I had been chronically tired for a few weeks. I headed off to my sister for her to do an analysis. She raised some concerns about my stress level and also thyroid etc and also picked up that I had somehow picked up a hepatitis at some point. So I was off to the health shop and loaded myself with all sorts of things and I’m please to say I’m back to perfect health.

The Drakensburg couldn’t have come at a better time and we headed up to the beautiful mountains for some rest and relaxation . My in law’s joined us . It was lovely to see them again as we had last seen them over Easter.


At the end of July I headed up to JHB to hand over my projects. I relished in the fact I could lie in a bath , get room service and go to bed early.

August I started at the club. What an amazing place to work, not only is it beautiful but it beats the cr@p out of working in corporates. 🙂 It has also been such an amazing and rewarding role as I’m able to really add value here and also see the fruits of my labour on a daily basis

September our little Ginger turned 2. Again I was so thrilled how things had worked job wise as I was able to go to his birthday ring at school.

IMG_8325 (1280x853) (1024x682)

I’ve said it before. It’s such an incredible privilege to watch a little person grow up. We also had an aeroplane party for Daniel with a few friends and family.

IMG_8468.1 (1280x853) (1024x682)

In October I couldn’t take the heat anymore and chopped my long hair off. I’m considerably cooler now 🙂 We also decided not to wait on the house build and engaged an architect (who we subsequently fired due to him being a moron – sadly after paying him R8000). So we have now appointed our second architects and yesterday saw the first draft of our new plans 🙂 So it looks like 2014 is gonna be a another big year!!!

November has been a really busy month for both Rich and I. Richard working for an ad agency has been incredibly busy and working long hours. I have also been very busy at the club.

December got even more crazy with me practicing for the Carol Service tonight. We also decided to put Daniel into a big bed which has been largely successful.


And here we are 5 days before Christmas. Family arrive in 2 sleeps 🙂 And I go on leave in one more week Whoop Whoop!

So there’s not much more to say than Merry Christmas. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year and may 2014 be nothing but awesome!

Christmas Card 2013


3 comments on “2013 A summary

  1. jenty says:

    It’s been an insanely huge year for you. Love how it’s worked out though, it sounds like the timing was just perfect, and I can’t wait to see the new plans for your house!
    Hope carols goes well tonight

  2. Nina says:

    Holy cow Lauren! What a year. New job, new home and new city, not to mention all the other hassles and not having your husband nearby for a length of it. Whew! Funny though how it always works out somehow, and how much stronger we emerge from all this!

  3. Nats says:

    WOw Lau. Look how much you have achieved. Imagine what 2014 holds for you guys. Still feels like you only left two months ago. Weird how time really does fly. oxo

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