What would you do with your beans?

I saw this on Jenty’s facebook feed today and I really wanted to share it with you. It really hit home (i.e I shed a few tears 🙂 ) I know I’m soft, we know this already!!

But it really just prompted my thoughts and feelings and the goings on for the past week.

I have a few things I’ve been wanting to say, so this may be a little bit of a garbled post, but stick with me, I’m hoping it‘ll all tie up when I’m done.

So what do you do with your remaining beans?

I know for sure that I spend WAY WAY WAY too much time worrying to the point that I worry that one day I’ll make myself sick with the worrying I do. So I resolve daily (because I fail daily) to spend more time enjoying life and less worrying.

Part of that enjoyment has been the time I’ve been spending with Daniel lately. Being a working mom I have very little time with my ginger during the week. But lately I have been spending a lot of time with him on the couch snuggling. Random I know but amazing!! For some reason he has been asking me to “la la” with him on the couch and I HAVE and you know what EVERY time I have , it has totally trumped the task I have had to leave , the dishes that have needed to wash or the supper I’ve needed to make (fancy that!!)

On Saturday we lay on the couch for an hour. I snuggled into him more that he into me and closed my eyes while we he watched cartoons.
He held my hand and few times even patted me, like I pat his back sometimes….. I reckon that was a bloody marvelous way to spend those “beans” 🙂

This morning we brushed teeth and sang the Barney brushing teeth song (You know, come sing with me: Oh, I’m brushing my teeth on the bottom ‘Cause I wouldn’t wanna say that I forgot em’ …..) and I relished in the fact that I got to dance and sing while I brushed my teeth. I think it was a great way to spend my brushing- teeth- beans (when was the last time you danced whilst brushing your teeth?)

So yip I’m resolving to spend my beans way better than I have been. You’re probably  wondering why I’m all floaty and smiley and shiny happy people on you guys …..maybe because the Ginger is also sleeping through…yes people you heard me correctly……. For about a week now……and I’m not sure if I should be posting this, I’m hesitant because I’m SOOOOOO scared I’m going to jinx it!


And you know what? I’ve forgotten what a flipping nice person I am when I’ve had sleep. I’m mean I’m really really nice 

While I’m on the things that hit you hard bandwagon….I thought I’d just end off with a few randoms I’ve picked up of FB, Twitter etc the past few weeks. Haven’t done one of these for a while.
** none of the pics are mine **

So here goes… my motto going forward


I think my ginger and Daddy Abs are a good place to start…


A lesson for me in the worrying department. Its not what others think of you but what you think of yourself.




Hysterical for me…..Because I came “blame it on the bunny” but i just don’t run enough anymore …..

1375711_682522771757998_1842109027_n 988714_10152615098645931_50520979_n 1378031_10151921587438536_2070720325_n   1384354_743156095700989_1239324723_n 1383036_10201392923963152_1473553211_n   1377466_10151934765546665_241643750_n

Have a great Thursday everyone!


4 comments on “What would you do with your beans?

  1. I know. I’m so flipping busy that I snap and grump and am just a yuck person. Until I decided (and it is SOOOO very much an actual decision) that i’m going to show my love for my Bunny, and stop before I grump, to actually look at the situation to see if it really is wasteful, or innocent.
    EG: The Bunny occasionally crawls (literally) to the bathroom instead of rushing there when I call her. If I listen to what she’s saying in her game, rather than bellowing that she’s taking too long, I hear the fun – she’s crawling through a jungle! Jungles require some care, and do not require rush!
    I have to make that decision about once every half an hour though.
    It’s a learning curve.

    • absandlol says:

      Too true Jenn! It is an actual decision and requires learning. So easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and not stop to literally smell the flowers!

  2. Gosh living in the moment is probably one of the hardest things for me. I am so busy trying to make sure everyone survives the day that I forget to stop but I must say being at home with Jack has almost forced me to stop sometimes and I am never sorry when I do.

  3. Nina says:

    Congrats on sleeping through the night! I swear I was a whole new person when my eldest first slept through the night and again when my twins did the same. It’s crazy how we get when we’re walking zombies.

    I’m a bit of a worry wart too, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I do to cope with it. The biggest thing for me is to analyze what—if any—can I proactively do to change the circumstances (and sometimes there really isn’t anything you *can* do, and that realization is important too).

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