Woweee but you are blessed


Whenever I see something like this video on Youtube I always burst into tears….You see I’m a lot softer than I was before I had the ginger 🙂 which means I’m now REALLY soft!!

Some may think , wow how depressing to watch stuff like this and we shouldn’t watch it because we’d all just lie in bed all day and mope around and be depressed….. I’m a mom and I have a family, there are very few days that I have the luxury, the time or energy to be mopy….But I  too have my days  and sometimes feel like I need a little hand holding and loving.

But I watch stuff like this, because even tho I cry and feel guilt, its a guilt that comes with a little bit of perspective…..that although we are all facing our battles and yes it IS relative and may be the biggest thing in your life, YOU ARE BLESSED!

You are so frikking blessed it’s scary and you have SOOOO much to be grateful for, cos man alive there are people out there that are so much worse off than you.

So here’s what I’m grateful for:

• My ginger (you had to know he’d feature high, if not first on the list 🙂 ) – what a blessing and absolute joy he is. My heart bursts with pride on a daily basis at the miracle and blessing he is in our lives
• My darling Long suffering husband who puts up with my rants and raves with the patience of a saint!!!
• My ability to run and experience what it feels like to have the miles of tar beneath my feet.
• The fact that I have a job and that I work in the most beautiful setting every day and only drive 4km to work
• That I’m close my family – a blessing I’m grateful for everyday – I didn’t know how much we were missing out on until three months ago
• The fact that by the grace of God we are able to build our house next year
• The fact that the pace of my life has slowed down and that one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make is whether I should cut my hair or not 
• I have my health – a really good school friends sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 36yrs of age!!!
• It looks like I will be able to get a week’s leave over Christmas (fingers crossed, it’s not confirmed yet but even the thought is a blessing)

And those are just a few….. So even though some days are diamonds and some days are stone there’s a lot to be grateful for.


One comment on “Woweee but you are blessed

  1. Nina says:

    Hi Lauren,

    It’s so good to be grateful for everything we have, and so easy to think if we only had this and that we’d be happier. Every day I thank my lucky stars for all our blessings, very many are similar to your list: my HEALTHY and happy children, my husband, a job, a close commute, an awesome family. I hear things happening to people all the time and I feel like I am so lucky.

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